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  1. Hello, I became the proud owner of a 2011 Fiesta Titanium 1.4 Diesel in June this year and I love my car! This is the first time I've owned a near new car so I'm finding I want to look after it that wee bit better. I've perused the forum before as we used to have an Escort a few years back. In fact, my first ever car was an F Reg Escort so I guess I've always had a soft spot for the Fords. Hoping the various car enthusiasts in the group can keep me on the right track and I'll apologise now for any obvious newbie posts that come from me. Not sure how many members from Scotland are registered but you now have an additional one anyway! Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting some useful tips and advice for my car. Cheers, Helen
  2. Fuel In Oil Warning Lamp

    Hi, I've had a similar issue. My Ford Fiesta Titanium went in for it's 1 year manufacturer's service yesterday. Had no warning lights/issues prior to this. It got the all clear, I drove it home without a problem and then this morning when I started the car, the Fuel In Oil Warning Lamp came on and stayed on. I called the garage and they said it must be a Servicing warning light that they hadn't reset and I just need to bring it in so they can plug it into the computer and clear the code. If this light comes on as a signal to get your car serviced and is a common issue that is easily resolved, why do they not refer to this in the manual rather than letting us panic that the garage cocked up the oil change? Is it safer to ask them to change the oil anyway or is this "resetting" thing most likely to be the problem. Don't want to do my car any damage unnecessarily, I've only had it a few months and love driving it.
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