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  1. I've done a search around and found loads of problems where the fans have failed, but nothing specific to my problem. My fan works, in that betweens settings 1-4 I can hear the fan blowing as it should, but no matter where I have the circular air flow adjuster, no air comes out of anywhere. The car has done this a number of times before, but each time it magically fixes itself. As it's coming into winter, and condensation is becoming a problem I need to fix this myself. It's almost like there's a blockage between the fan exit and the distribution channels. Does anyone know where the fan is / how easy it is to access? Thanks in advance.
  2. As far as I could tell, the rain shield for the cover was attached just fine. I had a poke around and really have no idea how it got wet, it looks like the car would have needed to be submerged!! Anyway, £9 later and the new filter is in and everything is as it should be again :D Top internet sleuthing Del :)
  3. FOC delivers :D I've just taken out the pollen filter and it was black (not changed in the last 50,000 miles), but also rather oddly SOAKING wet, which effectively means it's blocked. I'm guessing these shouldn't be able to get wet normally?! Anyway, I've removed it and will run without one until a replacement arrives. Thanks again for the help Del :D
  4. Thanks Del, I'll take it out and have a look. I'm 90% sure the blades are spinning as it's a windy sound, I think the inlet side might be blocked after a bit of poking around tonight. Does anyone know if there's a schematic anywhere?!