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  1. Leak ?

    Hi Guys My car (fiesta 09 1.4 diesel) has a leak kind of underneath the passenger side foot well. It appears to be water dripping out from a flexible piece of flat metal. Any ideas what that could be ? Thanks Tom TDR Driving School
  2. 3Rd Gear Sputtering

    it can happen any time. its fairly intermittent. if i try to recreate the fault i cant do it. just happens randomly maybe twice aday in 2 hours of driving
  3. 3Rd Gear Sputtering

    Hello all Can anyone help, when accelerating at a constant rate in 3rd gear the car starts juddering/sputtering. if i increase or decrease the acceleration it clears its self. It only happens in 3rd gear any ideas thanks. Tom
  4. Diesel Smell

    hi agian just checked and it is making a ticking noise like ones o you tube, oh dear. ive got it booked in for next tuesday. will it be ok to drive still? im a driving instructor and obviously need it to be on the road. thanks again tom
  5. Diesel Smell

    hi thanks , where can i locate the injector seals to see if they are the problem and what should i look out for.? thanks
  6. Diesel Smell

    hello all i need a bit of help, my fiesta 09 1.4 smells of diesel, when stationary it comes in through the vents. if you lift the bonnet it really is a strong smell like unburnt diesel (straight from the pump) ive also noticed my fuel consumption seems to be reduced. i took it to the garage yesterday and they "forgot" to look at it(never use bristol street motors). any ideas ? thanks Tom
  7. Anti Stall

    Hello everyone I have just bought a fiesta 1.4 diesel edge 09 plate Does any one have problems with the anti stall feature, ive looked everywhere for information on it and found nothing. when slowing down the anti stall kicks in way to early causing the car to surge forward. this is happening a good few meters before i would usually put the clutch in. the engine isnt struggelling at this point. it results in a very uneven braking. It can be solved by putting the clutch down alot earlier, but the problem is i am a driving instructor and i try not to teach coasting (prolonged periods with the clutch down) Is there any way to disable this feature ? it actually make it harder to smoothly control the car when slowing down , any ideas would be great thanks Tom
  8. Fuel Light

    it hasnt got a trip and its right at the end of the red , with no light. oh dear i think it could be a late one tonight
  9. Fuel Light

    hello , does any one know if my ford fiesta edge 09 has a fuel light and how many mile i will get with it on. my needle has been in the red for some time and still no light? thank Tom
  10. Brake Problems? Or Clutch?

    i think what im experiencing is the anti stall, i had no idea my fiesta had it, and ive never experienced it before. i just tried it out on a quite road if im in 3rd gear the car will not slow down below 30 mph. it drives it self. thats why if im stopping in 3rd or 4th gear the car accelerates as im slowing. doh
  11. Brake Problems? Or Clutch?

    yeah ive driven diesels, just as the revs drop below a 1000 it goes idle, changes note and picks up speed meaning you need to brake more or you will over shoot a t junction. o trid to emulate the same thing in my wifes car focus diesel and it doesnt do it.
  12. Brake Problems? Or Clutch?

    any gear as you come to a stop the moment before the engine starts to struggle and you would press the clutch, just as your about to press the clutch it speeds up, its very strange feeling
  13. Brake Problems? Or Clutch?

    thanks for the comments , hopefully it will be sorted when it gets checked next week.
  14. Brake Problems? Or Clutch?

    its very intermittent as you gently slow down, the car then speeds up until you apply more pressure, there are no rev from the engine. it feels like your free wheeling. very odd. ive got it booked in for a check up as its still under warranty