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  1. @MKBHD Nice one!

  2. I have had the Meister R Zeta Crd+ installed since the end of July on my car and it has… https://t.co/3V0dzdUWOi

  3. The Subaru has the Prodrive back box and intercooler pipe. There was no paperwork that came with… https://t.co/tqM503NVqb

  4. Burnout #canon #sigmalens #lightroom #canon_photos #car #carmeet #burnout https://t.co/aVNoOyc7r8

  5. Uu garden garden garden 4trttdaY: https://t.co/WROGjgu07p via @YouTube

  6. I posted 22 photos on Facebook in the album "Car Photobook 2016" https://t.co/1V78tGENoD

  7. @ParcelMotel Is there any delays delivering parcels at the moment as my parcel has been in the depot for the last 2 days? Tnks

  8. I posted 13 photos on Facebook in the album "Car Photobook 2016" https://t.co/0hp3X6lnf4

  9. Who knew that in 2016,a headphone jack on a smartphone would be a feature #MadeByGoogle

  10. Coffee time #coffee #coffeetime https://t.co/lwZpqIoEAN

  11. I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/9COXEwZGSH

  12. Thanks man. I'll keep that in mind when I have to renew next. I just got it done through The AA this time round as I was switching vehicles mid policy.
  13. The crossover you can see is actually my own Focal ones that I mounted in that spot as it was the only place suitable. And yea, I am making an educated guess that this was a quick job in the shop as the live wires for the amplifier they installed, was touching the carpet, had singed it and was a total fire risk! Instead of a quick change headunit, speakers and amplifier job, I had to rip out everything and start fresh coz I just didn't trust what was done before. It was an absolute nightmare and took longer than a normal install! Grrr!
  14. Love it. Funny how the Subaru are so darn difficult to insure here!
  15. It's been very good. Had to start sorting out the sound system and transferred my speakers and head unit in the new car. Only had to buy speaker adaptors for the front. The previous owner/s had brought it to Halfords and sadly they cut holes in the doorcards. Not a pretty sight. Now with the car having leather on the door cards, I am finding it difficult to get an exact replacement. So got a cheap second hand set with black fabric and once funds allow I will get an upholster to sort it out. I ordered also a subwoofer box that sits inside the 16" spare alloy wheel and goes in the boot. Hoping it arrives this week and will wire it all up. Then sound system will be done for now. K&N drop in air filter is next on the list and also ordered new tyres. Then, done with mods and will try to keep the car as stock as possible since this one is rare in estate form and I plan on keeping it for a while :)