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  1. Where To Go To Get A Leak Repaired?

    Yo Lenny, it's only on the driver's side so I doubt it is that.
  2. I have a leak in my focus which I have now narrowed down to probably being either a windscreen leak or bulkhead. I was told by someone that taking it to a generic garage would not be the best thing to do, is this true? Can you recommend me somewhere better to take it so that I can finally stop my footwell getting damp! Thank you :)
  3. Leak :(

    Think I found it, no leak there though. To check if it's a bulkhead seal issue, who do you recommend I take it to? To take it to a general garage would not be the best option, right?
  4. Leak :(

    Any chance you could provide any imagery for the location of the AC drain tube Arthur? There are a few tubes around where you said to look...
  5. Leak :(

    Thanks Arthur, that's some very useful information, I will check those things after it has stopped raining.
  6. Leak :(

    Don't have a sunroof, read somewhere about the ac drain being blocked, but don't know where the drain is, will try looking into that more :)
  7. Leak :(

    The leak seems to be coming from the right side of the driver's footwell though, not near the dash, would this still indicate it coming from the bulkhead?
  8. Leak :(

    Hey guys, So I noticed a couple of weeks back that the driver's foot-well carpet was wet. I pulled back the carpet to find a pool of water. The insulation stuck to the carpet was soaked and the white insulation under the pedals was also soaked. It took me a week to dry with leaving the doors open and using a hair dryer. I disinfected all the insulation to prevent further mould. However I now have more water and am not totally sure where it's coming from. I am quite sure it is coming from the outside of the car, as it seems to be wetter after it has rained, but can't be 100%. The water seems to be coming from under the white insulation that lies under the pedals, but I obviously can't see right under it as the insulation only pulls up so far. Any ideas? I am looking to take it for the windscreen to be looked at. I was told to take it to a windscreen and sunroof specialist as they will have more specific knowledge of where to look to find the leak. I don't want to take it to a garage and it be there for days costing me loads of money. I can't seem to find any windscreen or sunroof specialists around Leicester though. Any help would be most appreciated. The car is a 2006 Focus 1.8 TDCI MK2.
  9. 6000 Cd Replacement Help

    Hey Jay, I looked at that unit first, but as I said before that is a unit that I feel looks like a bit sliced off of a hi-fi lol. I just don't like the bright lights all over it. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll have a look around on Amazon. Yeah sounds like you have a few things to tinker with on your focus :p
  10. 6000 Cd Replacement Help

    HAHAHA I am sorry to laugh at your pain, but that did make me chuckle, good luck buddy, it's a nice unit, hope you get it looking as you want it to. My problem is I have a low budget, but am very much against cheap looking units that look like someone sliced the front off of a hi-fi and slapped it on where the stereo used to be :p That is why I chose the KW-AV61BT, or else I would have gone for this http://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-jvc-kw-av71bt_p-31187.htm A minimal look is best I feel.
  11. 6000 Cd Replacement Help

    Much appreciated Clive :) How's things going with your focus? I haven't been on here in a little while. I think my reversing switch on the gearbox has broken, as I have checked the bulb and fuse and all seems fine :S It's always something, am I right?
  12. 6000 Cd Replacement Help

    Thanks for the advice man. I read your thread, lol, seems you got a little peeved off to say the least :p I am glad I am not going about this alone, though I must say you have kind of put me off a bit. I might just get the pros at the audio shop to do it for me...
  13. 6000 Cd Replacement Help

    Ok I'll look into it, thanks for highlighting it :)
  14. 6000 Cd Replacement Help

    It's suited for both the US and UK market afaik as it has AM and FM radio. I would get one with DAB but can't afford it. I don't listen to the radio anyway, it will just be ipod all the way!
  15. 6000 Cd Replacement Help

    Hi guys, I am looking to replace my 6000 CD with this double din unit http://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-jvc-kw-av61bt_p-31188.htm I am a complete beginner and don't trust myself to mess with the electrics on my car so would anyone be generous enough to give me a hand if you live near to wigston in Leicester? Also could someone direct me to which cables and such I need to buy so that it will work with the steering wheel controls?