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  1. well its not crazy rust but want to stop it b4 it goes mad.! can u advise a filler.? cheers for help
  2. so how would i access theheater control panel then..? pull of the knob selector on dash..? an it shud be behind that.? cheers
  3. Dose any1 know how to resolve temp problems in puma.? or even how much it costs as no heatin at moment an not feeling winter without wormth.... cheers jb
  4. Have just bought my first ford puma the only thing is it has a little rust bubbling through on rear arches. Am looking at doing it DIY as pritty good but wonderd if anyone has ever tackled this probblem them selves an if so have you any tips..? jb oh an if any one knows y i cant get warm air as im freezing . thanks jb
  5. No Hot Air

    how much was it to replace then mate.? is it the same for a PUMA.?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Jbizzle :)