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  1. Guys I am hoping someone can help me out. I am trying to do the USB conversation for my fiesta but keep hitting brick walls. I have taken out my old Bluetooth module without USB (which works fine) inc Aux / Phone function on my car and replaced it with Bluetooth module With USB. Once replaced, my radio work's however AUX or PHONE function does not. I thought it would be due to incorrect parameters on vehicle, however I have changed 3 parameters on the car from previous post's to enable USB function using Forscan, but I still seem to have a problem where I cannot use AUX or PHONE function with the new module. AUX does nothing PHONE comes on with a screen that says *MUTE* The new module came from salvage, 2010 plate and my car is a 58 plate, still uses the same large plug connection. Am I missing something here? Do I need to reset do something to make the vehicle see the new module or is it "dead" ? Thanks all.
  2. Am totally lost just seems like a faulty board. Ive decided to take them apart to compare them to see if its an obvious issue with pins or connections. But they all seem okay?
  3. Still not working. However i have found something strange but interesting. (possibly bad), but Their is a clip at the back of the cables plug that you pull over which goes into the module. when in the new module if you only pull over half way I can hear music through aux port. if you plug the whole cable in the whole thing goes off :/. Is the bad cabling ? My old module works fully plugged in . which is strange.
  4. The old one module is in and bluetooth seems to be working fine ? I have just noticed (as i csn press aux) on the old one thriugh the menu i now have IPOD / BT AUDIO / USB in their too. Seems strange i cannot acces this with new module.
  5. Hi Toxic. The modules new and old are as below side by side. Am so confused.. is the car not compatible with the new Module ? .could it be sonething to do with ( the new module having a different usb connection). I have purchased this cable too.
  6. Hi all, is their anyone close to change some parametres on the IDS on my fiesta MK7 after a USB upgrade? I am in the Northwest and will also offer some copper coins too ;) thanks
  7. Looking for someone to change parametres on IDS

    try a scrap yard. i got my module for £30 (dont think the guy knew how much they were worth) i got the trim and the cable too for £25 so £55 plus £7 for this Elm 327. hopefully it all goes to plan. ill be selling my old module for around £45 so will get some of my money back too :)
  8. Looking for someone to change parametres on IDS

    Thanks ToxicG ive ordered this . after abit of research and watching some videos this seems like it should do the job. easy enough. :) . . . hopefully. and will save me a ton of money. jbell, i was trying to test to see if the new module was working on the car haha i know what you mean though :) thanks.
  9. Looking for someone to change parametres on IDS

    Also , after a new module with USB has been installed. am i correct to say the USB port wont even charge anything thats plugged into it because it needs changing on IDS first?
  10. Hi all, is their anyone close to change some parametres on the IDS on my fiesta MK7 after a USB upgrade? I am in the Northwest and will also offer some copper coins too ;) thanks
  11. I Purchased my first CAT D car yesterday and am very happy with it. Just 48,000 on clock and engine seems to be great. I have a couple of *hopefully minor* things I would like to clear up. (trying to play music through bluetooth) 1. Bluetooth Audio - From what I have read, it seems to be a complicated subject and strange. My car does not have USB (from what I can see) therefore I can not perform a software updatee unless their is another way around this? But what I am confused about is the fact the menu system seems to have the Bluetooth configuration built in ? I have an option from MENU > AUDIO > BLUETOOTH . At this point I get No Audio Device and my only option is to turn off my BT. My phone is already connected through Bluetooth and works great on calls . but just not on my audio. Is their something I am missing? I have also ready up a possible 2nd USB maybe in globe compartment, Whether or not if it just not possible. Hopefully someone can help me out. I have also attached some photo's of the Menu. 2. If I press my Clutch when my engine is running their seems to be 2 different noises. If the clutch is out it seems to be ( a little louder) when I dip the clitch in the noise seems to go away. I'm sure I have had this on other car's too, but doesn't anyone know if this is an issue with the car? It drive's flawlessly in all 5 gears. Regards Craig
  12. Hey guys I hope somebody can help me with speaker problems for my New Ford Fiesta 2010. I have had this car for 7 weeks its an amazing car i love it, really good sound quality , nice and sporty feeling inside and looks great on the outside. However I have problems with my speakers. I have 2 Front Door Speakers + 2 Front door (Mid) Speakers by the door handles. I also have 2 Back Door speaker (covers) ( i would like to know if the back speakers are optional for my car) The Bass in my car is Amazing, however on certain songs I hear a very awquid buzzing . rattling noise on certain songs. therse r the 2 songs i hear the annoying vibration sound from the speakers SBTRKT - Hold On (Intro) Emili Sandre - Read All About it Part 3 (intro) Can anybody advice on what this could be and a solution please? Regards Craig