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  1. I forgot to express gratitude to you Stoney. It wouldn't have been possible without your generous sharing in the first place. Thank you! I had leaking in rainy conditions under the plastic cover below the front window and I didn't know how to remove it. Thank to the manual, I have sorted out the problem and managed to find a part of the seal has fallen apart.
  2. Simcor, you are the man! Thank you very much!!!
  3. Hi guys. Thank for the replies. I have been travelling abroad and I hadn't time to reply. I am sorry for the delayed reply. Now I am back and I am in need of a pdf copy. The problem is I am from Eastern Europe and I can't buy a hard copy here because it's simply unavailable in my country. Thanks for the effort Stoney. I appreciate that. :)
  4. Guys, I am in urgent need of Haynes Manual for Focus Mk2 Diesel or Petrol. May I ask if it's possible to share one? Many thanks in advance. :)
  5. Yes, they work. But when they move I can hear a clicking relay sound.
  6. No, recently a mate of mine tried to do this modification. Everything on facelift mirrors - even the tiniest clip is different. It is defo not a plug & play work. This mod will require a lot of hard work and modification to the mirror holder and whatsoever.
  7. When I turn the wipers on the first level or the raer wiper, I can hear the relay clickling in the glovebox area. Does anyone else has similar problem or this is a particular issue with my car?
  8. JW, I think I wasn't clear enough and you have misunderstood me. I'll try to explain it again with pictures. Below is the pic of the PTC heater and the 4 cables that come from it. I've already wired myself the wiring for the big cable. My question is for the other two cables ( thin ones, black and brown, the ones on the right side below). My car doesn't have the socket to connect/plug them. Do you know how I have to make the connection in that occasion? I hope you understand me now. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I am looking forward to hear from you. Cheers.
  9. Yes. There are few basics for any diesel engine that would help protecting/prolonging the life of the turbo. 1. Using quaility oil and fuel filter is crucial. So, forget Halfords oil and any unbranded fuel filters. Stick to q quality oil brand ( Castrol, Motul, Mobil, Millers, Fuchs and etc.) and filter ( Motorcraft, UFI, Mann, Hengst, Bosch) 2. Using quality diesel is also crucial. 3. When you start the engine, don't run the car immediately! Instead of this, after starting the engine wait 30-40 seconds. This time is needed for oil to reach and the turbine and raise pressure. 4. Avoid driving above 2000 rpm while the car is still cold. 5. Don't stop the engine immediately after intensive driving. Instead of this when you stop the car allow it to run on idle for few minutes. This is cruical for turbine's life.
  10. I've already made the wiring from the fuse box to the PTC heater myself too . My question is regarding for the other two cables left ( from total of four) ? Sorry if I havent't been clear enough and any inconvinience caused. Many thanks.
  11. Thank you, mate! Your help is priceless for me. My main problem is that below. I don't have the wiring. In this occasion, do you know how can I make the connection?
  12. JW1982, one more question? What is supposed to to do with the two cables ( thin ones ) that come from the radiator ( heater ) itself? I mean I have to feed them with 12V or I am wrong? And when I find the correct heater panel, where I need to connect the cables from the heater on the new panel? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Many thanks for that brilliant enlightening post JW1982. Do I need to know anything specific that hasn't been mentioned in the guide from the previous page?
  14. I am sorry for resurrecting such an old thread, but I have few questions. I am considering retrofitting the PTC heater on my 2007 mk, manual A/C. What is this additional heater panel with microwitches you are talking about and how it looks like?