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  1. After checking no air leaks around manifold or injectors seats: Going back to basics, using two old sparkplugs, lay the ht leads to the two cylinders on top of engine where they can earth, metal to metal, or use two jump leads to fasten to an earth point and hold each sparkplug in the end of the jump leads. Start engine and see what the sparks are like or if they are even sparking. If not then is electric fault. If plugs sparking okay, refit leads and start engine and try squirting wd40 or similar under the air filter in air intake box and see if engine revs up when you do. If no change then injectors are squirting ok. If not then is fueling fault. Injectors may be getting signal but not working? Last item is not really likely but have you checked compressions in clys 2 and 3?