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  1. Does anyone know where the dashboard or under bonnet connector is that the powers the heated rear window on the hardtop on the streetka? I have the official jumper lead that is about 9 ft long with a connector which is a six pin connector (only four pins used). It is long enough to go either under dashboard or to go into enigine compartment once I can find out which area/connector it goes to. Any special person out there who can advise me? Here's hoping!
  2. Hurrah! got the jumper lead and it is the correct one. It's about 9 foot long and connects on the the harness that comes from the demister, whoopee! Will now raise a topic to see if anyone knows where it connects to, duh! moderator; please feel free to close this topic and archive, thanks.
  3. Okay, have pinched a reg number off ebay from a "winter edition" and contacted dealers again. Have got this jumper lead number 3S5T14B269AA. But, they are not sure if this is the correct lead or not as does not show details and is a "non-stock item" so would have to pay £33 quid which is non-refundable if incorrect, bugger! Can anyone confirm if this is the correct lead to go from the dashboard area up to the connector to the rear windscreen demister on the hardtop? Did not know it was going to be this complecated, wow!.
  4. Hi all, to anyone who has, or who knows someone who has, a "Winter" StreetKa, any year, or has one which had a hardtop fitted as an option, when first bought, I would like to borrow your or their reg no: as the main dealers are unable to find a part No: for the adaptor lead for me to be able to connect my wife's rear window demister up unless they have the reg no: from a "winter edition" or from one which had the hardtop fitted when new. I know, I could not believe this either when first told. Apparently, they do not have the time to try and find this information out for me, I have to give them a registation number for a car we do not own! Can anyone help?
  5. Hardtop Wiring

    Is there no-one out there who knows anything concerning this fitting behind dashboard for connecting the adapter harness for a hard-top for a streetka?
  6. Hardtop Wiring

    Is there no-one out there who knows anything concerning this fitting behind dashboard for connecting the adapter harness for a hard-top for a streetka?
  7. Streetka wiring diagram

    Can anyone help with this topic? Just got a hard top for a 2005 streetka and guess what, ...no wiring connector behind the passenger seat to connect to, ...as was not factory fitted from new! Have access to a good friend who is auto electrician, but there is supposed to be a connector somewhere behind the dashboard that an adaptor harness is supposed to connect to, ....where? Anyone, someone, please advise. Has anyone made their own harness?
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