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  1. Winter Tyres Recommendations Please!

    Dunlop winter sport 3D.. V.good, search reviews on google there good value
  2. At Your Premises Remap Opinions?

    Yeah the Vauxhall boys often say rs tuning is very good place
  3. Rebuilt Injectors ...no1 Not Firing

    Ive had similar starting problems with mine but im assured it is the wiring to the starter motor.. Injectors surely if just been refurbished they should be spoton or ud get money back..? Dont know about coding them havent heard of that b4
  4. 04 Focus 1.8 Tdci 115Bhp - Cold Start Problems

    Its not down to starter motor problem also is it? Mine is same as urs, only had it 5days an last 3 wudnt start at all, had to tow it today to bump it then dropped it back of at garage now..
  5. 04 Focus 1.8 Tdci 115Bhp - Cold Start Problems

    Have you noticed any change with new plugs?
  6. Help! What's It Worth ?

    Well thinking about it, if its in mint condition you are best priceing it to a cosworth so a good saff cosworth would pull around 5-6grand with low mileage, id expect mod'd xr4x4 in mint condition to be similar or slightly cheaper..
  7. Steering Wheel Fitment

    Not be adapted fairly easyerly? Id get wheel and airbag together if cheap enough Cheers
  8. Spring Replacement

    Take around 2hrs for garage to do so looking at 2hrs for them.. thats with tools lift and shock compressor... Ebay the part then allow half a day max if ur unsure
  9. Fault In 04 Tdci Focus

    Common fault with tdci engine is injector failing.. Bad design and expensive to replace
  10. Help! What's It Worth ?

    Could be worth trying google, parker guide online and all else failing put on eBay for a mad price like 5grand and see what interest you get.
  11. Steering Wheel Fitment

    Hi sorry if already been covered but does anybody know if a mk2 steering wheel will fit on a 52plate mk1 focus ? Please Just bought car and the steering wheel is badly warn / damaged.. Seems as cheap to buy a newer style as the old warn pre 04 plastic ones
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums turbo-rich :)