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  1. I'm really struggling to decide between the petrol or the diesel. Think it may end up being the petrol as I really want the street pack. Currently have an 11 plate focus 1.6 115 tdci and I love the engine. Just wish they did the street pack on the diesel!
  2. I'm just in the process of getting a Fiesta zetec s. Dad works for ford so gets a huge discount on new reg orders. Can't decide which is best to get. Petrol or diesel. Only £3 difference in the monthly price of the two. I've got an 11 plate focus 1.6 115 tdci at the moment and I also have the problems discussed above. Previous Diesel engines I've had were perfect but I've noticed numerous occasions where I've set off and had the 'lurch' and then the lull! As a few people have said a slightly heavier right foot and its ok but it's the first diesel I've had where I've had to do it. I'd love the diesel in the zetec s too but the fact you can't get the street pack is a huge down side for me. Think it will end up being the petrol for now. Looking forward to test driving the ecoboost in the facelift. Test drove the ecoboost in the focus and its surprisingly quick. Or maybe I'll just hang on for the Fiesta ST........