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  1. Focus Powertrain Malfunction

    Had the same problem, firstly the DPF Fluid was topped up and an attempted regeneration was performed without success. A new DPT was required at a cost of £1600.00 fitted. Told Ford to get stuffed and my local garage fitted an after market unit for less than half and all is well
  2. Diesel Particle Filter Fluid

    Thanks for your responses guys. Things have developed since my last post. I bit the bullet and went to the stealership in the end to ensure the correct fluid was added at a cost of £150 for fluid and resetting, which was ok. The wife informed me earlier today, only 3 weeks later, that the red light and engine management light have come on again and the car has gone into limp mode. I spoke with the stealership and they don't know why that has happened ,but mentioned something about a forced regeneration. Sounds expensive to me!!! Surely when they reset the fluid level, the machine would have told them, if a regeneration was required. I'm worried that they might say that the DPF needs replacing, to cover there asses!!! How much should a forced regeneration cost? Anybody know how much a new DPF Filter would cost ( I am sat down!!! ) should it be the worst case senerio. Cheers in advance
  3. Diesel Particle Filter Fluid

    Hi guys New to the forum, so go easy on me. We have a 2006 (55 plate) Ford Focus Sport TDCI Duratorq with diesel particle filter. 40,000 miles The engine management light and red cog light have illumiated on the dashboard. My usual mechanic has checked and confimed that the particle filter fluid is very low and needs topping up and regenarating. We know this fluid is very expensive and we need about 3 litres. He has been quoted by Ford £240.00 + Vat for the complete kit including tubing etc. This sounds a lot of money to me, when a friend of a friend reckons Ford charge around £40.00 per litre when they do the work plus a ecu reset for about £200+ vat.all in. Can anybody confirm this? Does anybody know, how much fluid comes with this kit as my friend of a friend says it's 5 litres and thats why it's so much.? Also does anybody know which fluid they use and apparently there are two types 'Infinium' or 'DPX' and they are not interchangable.? I tried to ask Ford and all they the guy could give me was a number M99C127A1. Does anybody reconigse this number. Thanks in advance
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Chelsea Blue :)