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  1. Squeeky, Squeek Squeek Squeek!

    inso tape sounds like it would work but you gota find the squeek first and if its one of those you cant track tbh id say wd40 i really cnt see it harming anything its just a lubricant there isnt really anything that it can affect
  2. Change Dash Lights

    thanks all for the advice i been looking trying to work it out my self i think i worked out how to get to it n the screws and yer i thought they would prob come with a manual bt i wo guna buy of ebay i mainly just wanted to know how easy it would be and soldering thought it would just be unplug and plug new ones in am not bad at soldering but didnt thing it would be needed and millsy1 one i worked out if you put your stearing wheel down then the plastic bit ontop of where wheel is just clips off then there are your star screws i have not got any further as i havent got new dials yet but hope it helps
  3. Uploads Photos To My Gallery

    am same but i found something on here saying you have to use photobucket i havent tryed it yet but hope this helps
  4. Squeeky, Squeek Squeek Squeek!

    try spraying with wd40 minght not work but worth a try normally works on things like that
  5. Change Dash Lights

    forgot to mention its a ford focus mk2 1.6 zetec 2006 thanx
  6. Change Dash Lights

    hiya am ryan i was just wonderind does anyone know how to change the dash lights like the speedo and reves fuel and temp there all standard green and id like to go blue would it be taking whole dash apart and would it be easy thanx
  7. Hiya

    hiya am ryan i have got a mk2 ford focus 1.6 had it about a year now am in the stages of little mods at minute i have a boot build as shown in my profile pic i think it went well and looks good i also have carbon wraped center console and stearing wheel and have done the foot wells in blue and the centre light also blue any other suggestions would be greatful ill try up loads some pics when i can
  8. how do you upload images please ?

  9. Welcome to the Ford forums rybosmasher :)