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  1. Focus Making Funny Noises Whilst Idling

    I get a whine noise when I'm idling n putting foot on the gas peddle when u rev car it whines mk2 focus 2005 55 plate
  2. Free Car Stickers

    How do I get a ford owners club sticker?
  3. Poor Start Up / Non Start

  4. had the job done tonight - cam cover taken off to find loads off oil in the spark plug chamber n spark plugs soaked in oil. new gasket seal fitted n put back together and still leaking oil taken off again this time applying bond sealer to it when in place holding the gasket seal in place which seems to do the job nicely now. without using any sealer cam gasket cover falls out. 4 new spark plugs fitted aswell
  5. Poor Start Up / Non Start

    I'm still waiting for the gasket deal with the be fitted with 4 new spark plugs hopefully that cures the poor start up am having! Where did u get your flip key from and done and how much? Ive got a 2005 55 plate focus the key that comes with is boring lol flip keys are the style these days
  6. Still waiting for it to be fitted so still not fixed
  7. Anyone know anywhere that does Free Car stickers? Ford ones or anything cool?
  8. Poor Start Up / Non Start

    FORD FOCUS MK2 2005 77K MILES I sometimes have the problem of the car not starting / Misfiring after 2 or 3 attempts the car will start anyone any idea what is the cause?
  9. Had the car checked over by a friend of a friend and its the gasket cover seal that needs replaced which i have bought the part £13.50 and its getting fitted soon, I have soaked up the oil using blue roll and aalso bought new spark plugs aswell.
  10. Thanks for that bud - so roughly how much do you think the repair would cost? would I need new spark plugs as oil is sitting around them where the spark plugs go?? ( I know nothing bout car just drive them lol ) clueless here hahah. The car fails to start at times aswell but its a new coil pack bosch one fitted less than 2 weeks ago.
  11. See from pictures I posted above there defo shouldn't be oil in there? Can this damage my engine if I keep driving on it?
  12. Thanks for the reply, I have just had the power steering pump and pipes replaced recently. Is this a expensive job to get repaired if its the gasket that needs replaced? Thanks
  13. Focus 2005 Mk2 Whine Noise

    my 2005 ford focus 1.6 petrol sport - now has a whine noise on idel and on acceraltion no idea where this is comming from but i recently had a power steering leak which the pipes and pump was replaced by the garage i use.... any idea what this could be??
  14. HEY all, Got a problem with my Ford Focus 1.6 mk2 2005 on a 55 plate currently @ 77k miles full service history, I have recently had coil pack just the pack changed. and power steering as that went on me aswell. I have noticed now that there is OIL sitting in the spark plug area??? surely there shouldnt be oil sitting where the spark plugs sit? Help is this serious problem? also when I had a power steering leak a noise from i dont know where is now there a whine when i sit ideling or when i press the gas pedel no idea what it is. so need a little help ?????????//