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  1. 2.0 Tdci Titanium Fuel Economy 59 Plate Uk

    Thanks for the feedback guys much appreciated, good to know I'm not miles out.
  2. Latest Phones And Ford Audio

    Just in case anyone else has the same query. I got the S3 LTE with Jelly Bean and thus far no issues at all.
  3. Hi Guys I have a 2.0 TDCI 140bhp Mondeo on a 59 plate. I do a lot of round the doors driving with one or two motorway runs of around 40mile each per week. I'm generally getting about 42mpg according to the convers+ dash. If I do a long run only it can go up to around 55. I thought this was OK better than the merc I had before anyway. A mate has 55 plate 2 litre and does similar driving pattern to me (we both work from home and do the same job) he reckons he averages abou 55mpg per tank. Is it just his model is more economical or should I be getting more than I am. Intersted to know what others with the same version as myself are getting.
  4. Latest Phones And Ford Audio

    Thanks Steve - The version I'm looking at comes with Jellybean so may be OK if its not I suppose at least its still a 'hot' phone so I could flog it and use the money towards an alternative
  5. Latest Phones And Ford Audio

    Thanks for taking the time to reply Steve. When it does connect does it run as normal? or are their other issues. Looking like I might stick with HTC as my other HTCs have all worked perfectly.
  6. Hi Guys I'm hoping you can helpme out if you own either a Samsung Galaxy SIII or an HTC One XL android mobile phone. I am about to upgrade to one of these phones but have hear that the Samsung doesn't work very well with the bluetooth in my car (Mondeo 59 Plate Titanium with Sony 6 CD Head Unit) I haven't heard anything about the HTC. I currently have an HTC that works seamlessley and would be tempted to go fo the HTC just for the same seamless experience but the Samsung seems like it might be a better phone but if it doesn't work in the car it might as well be a paperweight to me. I know ford have a site with a list of compatable phones but the handsets on there are generally ancient so i assumed they arenot testing for my car anymore. (If it helps I have previously applied the update via USB that ford made available) So anyone with either of those phones I would be grateful if you could confirm it works ok or adviser that they do not? Hoping you can help JOhn
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums John Bloomfield :)