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  1. Thanks for the information. I don't know much about bias bars. The idea behind the adjustable valve was that the standard valve would sit within its range of adjustability. However, it may be the case that the standard valve was fine, the fault lies elsewhere, and I have just made things expensive / complicated for myself... Regards MOT testing - it has passed an MOT with the valve fitted (MOT station next door to the TVR specialist that fitted the valve), but I agree that it could be seen in a bad light by some testers - even though it is trying to fix a problem that doesn't seem to stop it passing MOTs (it had been recently MOTd when I first found the issue with the rears locking). I may well go back to a new standard valve if I think i have sorted an underlying problem. If I could find out who made the valve then I might be able to follow it further. The TVR specialist I am visiting next week may have some in stock so I can check the packing - but I think they just come in Ford boxes.
  2. The master cyclinder changes might be overkill for this problem - the system should be fine as standard, so I just need to find what isn't workign. I am hoping that ne front pads may be the cure, and that I will be able to somehow find out the spec. of the Ford proportioning valve that is fitted. There is a fairly simple upgrade from 304mm to 322mm front disks (just needs caliper spacers) which would give greater front braking force, and apparently the 322 disks are cheaper than the 304. However either should eb able to cope on track as the car is only a little over 1000kg. Corner weight measurement (not adjustment) is being done next week. We will see what the results are...
  3. Thanks for the reply, apologies that it has taken me some time to post again, I should find a way to get this site to notify me by e-mail. The car does not have ABS The car have twin circuits (front, back). The valve is positioned such that it affects the rear lines. Disks all round look good. Rear pads are fairly new and specced to match the front pads. Front pads are a recommended compound for the car, with plenty of pad material, but are of unknown age / history - I am having these changed for new next week. The Ford valve was removed and the AP valve fitted in its place. The car is used for road and track days, although not much point going on track until the problem is fixed. I have written to Ford Technical Services requesting information on th valve since the main customer service helpline (who then asked technical services) kept sending me information for questions other than the one I was asking.
  4. I drive a Mk3 Mondeo TDCi (which is the best car I have owned), but I have a question on a Ford part fitted to a car from a different manufacturer that I am hoping someone can help with. My second car is a TVR Tamora and this, like all the later TVRs, uses a Ford brake proportioning valve. This valve sits in the brake lines to the rear and reduces the hydraulic pressure to the rear brakes. My TVR has some issues with brake bias - too much force is going to the rear brakes and they lock before the fronts when braking at the limit. I swapped the Ford valve for an AP racing adjustable valve but still have some problems. I am trying to find the specifications of Ford part number 7 117 274. the parts chap at my local Ford dealer was helpful and could find it on his system at £49.56 + VAT, but could not find any technical information. I need to know what fraction of hydraulic pressure it lets through, e.g. 0.4, so I can check it is within the adjustment range of the AP Valve. I contacted Ford and got a response from the technical department which was not helpful - they wouldn't provide information because the car was not a Ford (but the part is, and that is what I asked about), and said to contact the manufacturer. Good luck to anybody who tries to contact TVR. The TVR specialists don't have datasheets for the part - they just know the part number so they can get one if needed. If anybody knows how I can get some technical information on Ford part 7 117 274 I would be most grateful and it will help to get my TVR braking as it should and avoid ending up in a ditch.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Sevenman :)