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  1. Hi I've tried to follow the process correctly to upgrade my rear lights to a facelift (05 fiesta) any chance you know what colours should go where I can email you what I have  if you wouldn't mind guiding me in the right direction. The youtube video wiring description seems wrong unless I have wrong wires. My email is johnrutherford1985@gmx.com Thanks if you can or not.

  2. Oil Change

    Cool thanks for your advice :)
  3. Oil Change

    So im currently down in England and due to drive back to Scotland on Friday which will take me to my first 1000 in my car. I've been speaking to a mate of mine who's got an RS and he's said I should get an oil change just after 1000 to get rid of any engine swarf left over from manufacturing and that it'll give me increased performance, any truth in this? :) its a fiesta ST3 I've got and it's the first time I've had a brand new/performance car lol :)
  4. Thoughts?

    I am mate haha I was only joking :) but I can see some of the benifits of I dependance if im honest
  5. Thoughts?

    If they're going to do that then every new car should have to have cruise control fitted as standard to atleast make it a bit easier on folk. Its easy done when you're driving 5-6 hours on the motorway to let your attention slip from time to time (Not that im condoning speeding you understand). They are literally going to bankrupt people if this comes into effect, and mark my words with this tory government it will. Roll on Scottish independance lol
  6. Thoughts?

  7. Advice

    Not bad for a toddlers first car haha much better than my first car at toddler age! 2BMP (Break man power) pmsl Fred flinstone style feet sticking out the bottom haha
  8. Advice

    Ps FOCA is this you? Lol http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2548056/Forget-pedal-power-Cozy-Coupe-does-0-60mph-17-SECONDS.html
  9. Advice

    Cheers FOCA :)
  10. Advice

    Lol the guys alright to be fair but wouldnt want him getting my mail lol
  11. Advice

    Its a block of flats I stay in just now and the guy above me is a drug dealer lol
  12. Advice

    Im moving house in a couple of weeks so I am worrying hana
  13. New Speed Camera's Coming To Town

    Someone told me that lol
  14. New Speed Camera's Coming To Town

    Just get front parking sensors fitted! The radar emitted from them blocks the radar guns used by the police etc it literally bounces their radar back at them lol
  15. Advice

    Check your "Others" folder mate a lot of my mail even from people I know has been going into that folder for some reason :S