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  1. Acceleration Issues

    Thanks Stoney. My mechanic took a look at that. The flashing glow plug on the light was giving him a diagnostic reading of Fuel Pump pressure issues. It seems to be around the 3,000 rpm mark that the car cuts out. Also colder days are an issue with it too. Would you say this is a pricey fix?
  2. Acceleration Issues

    Hi, Just another update. I took it to the garage on Thursday (The guy who did the diagnostic) he's done a full service. Glow plugs, filters etc. When he fitted the new filter he had noticed that their was a lack of fuel getting to the tank. So I got the car back off him today as he eventually managed to get it started and running again. However when taking it out for a drive up to any amount of revs the car still cuts out. He thinks this is a fuel pump issue. He was saying that this would cost up to £1,000 for a replacement? How true is this has anyone had an experience with fuel pump problems and did there car just cut out at speed or when accelerating? The glow plug light comes on, on the dash but now the car just stalls completely, Very dangerous when your at a roundabout or on a dual carriageway. Thanks in advance.
  3. Acceleration Issues

    Just an update guys Had the car hooked up to a diagnostic today, just a local garage who kindly did it for free! The reading(s) came back as ECU and Fuel filter issues it also mentioned crank shaft The mechanic reset the engine management light and took it for a thrashing round the area, car seemed ok. It appears that this could be solved through a service, particularly the fuel filter. What you guys think? I have it booked in for service next Thursday and have no plans to use it until then. Thanks again
  4. Acceleration Issues

    Cheers for responses guys. Its an emission issue that's for sure. You can sit with the car out of gear and rev it, The flashing glow plug comes on. Problem is it just stalls randomly when driving, Did it to me on a roundabout this morning. I'm taking it to a guy who's fixed my car a few times for me tomorrow afternoon, I'll brave the drive home tonight then its train in to work tomorrow. I'll mention the EGR and Injector issue to him, Unfortunately I'm not under warranty any more. The guy I'm taking it to has a diagnostic machine. Oh and @Aldoo I'm in Hartlepool, but will bear those guys in mind. Thanks
  5. Acceleration Issues

    My Local Ford Dealer is quoting £80 for a diagnostic check.. Outrageous I don't suppose anyone is based in the North East and could point me in the direction of a cheaper alternative?
  6. Acceleration Issues

    Thanks guys, Going to take it to a garage and get the code reader onto it. Very tempted to cut losses and get rid dependant on what this issue is.
  7. Acceleration Issues

    Is the EGR valve something that would be serviced, If not would it be a pricey replacement? I'm concerned with the time of year and I've spent nearly 2k on my car already on various repairs over the last 12 months.
  8. Acceleration Issues

    Hi, My Focus 1.8 TDCi Zetec (05 Plate) has some issues with the cold weather it seems. When setting out from a junction or even doing say 40/45 mph then accelerating their feels like a blockage in either the engine or the exahust, The car stutters a little bit (twice), Then the glow plug lights flash. Putting the car into limp home mode. I have stopped and reset this and carried on driving without issue sometimes, However recently the Engine Management Light has appeared, But a few shorter journeys or starting the car up next day, It seems to clear. It also feels at times like the engine is wanting to stall. I have read elsewhere that it may be filters, I could do with servicing the car this month. Does anyone have any ideas what the symptoms above may point to? I think I really need to get it to somewhere that can read the fault codes, Local Ford Garage isnt too far away. I am getting concerned that the colder weather may just see this car off.
  9. Starting Up Problems

    Hi, Sorry to bump this back up. But the startup problem is definitley fixed, Its now when the car is running. A slight shift in speed and the glow plug light starts to flash. This morning the Engine Management light came on and has stayed on since. Putting foot down with the Engine Management light on, creates the flashing glow plug issue and the car also loses power / stalls. I'm reading out and about that this is a fault with the accelerator pedal? Can anyone suggest?
  10. Starting Up Problems

    I am no longer able to replicate this issue. Not too sure why, But it appears to have fixed itself. I've had many drives in the car and no sign of limp home mode. Strange one thats for sure
  11. Starting Up Problems

    Just a query about the current issue I have, it only seems to happen on a morning? The limp home mode / flashing glow plug light comes on when you put your foot down a bit, say to get out at a roundabout or junction. Switching the ignition off resets it and the engine seems fine after that again too. Driving home tonight no problems at all
  12. Starting Up Problems

    Hi, Just an update, I had the starter motor replaced yesterday, Car now starts like a dream. However when setting off at a little bit extra speed from say a junction or roundabout. The glow plug light comes on on the dash and starts to flash intermittently. The car also loses power - You can only seem to take it to roughly 3k revs before having to shift up. Any ideas what this would be, this cars costing me a fortune!
  13. Starting Up Problems

    Guy at garage seems to think its the starter motor. I drove to the garage direct from work, the engine started ok at his garage, suggesting glow plugs were warm enough and good enough to get engine started. Does any of these diagnostics suggest starter motor issue?
  14. Starting Up Problems

    Fingers crossed, Cheaper fix I guess haha. Just hope it gets me home tonight
  15. Starting Up Problems

    I now have a flashing glow plug light on my dash. Car spluttered to a start on way to work this morning, Then just after I pulled off at a roundabout the light started to flash, Managed to get to work as was about 1 minute away. Going to garage in the morning with it. I'm assuming this could be almost certainly be glowplugs, however I fear it could be something else.