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  1. gwhite73

    Mk7 Air Con Stopped Working

    Hi Thanks for replying No I don't think I've ever had it topped up. I agree with you the noise sounded like something was seized. Based on that do you think it's fixable or would I probably need a new compressor? Thanks!
  2. Hi I have a 2010 Mk7 1.4 diesel and I was driving on the motorway for about 2 hours yesterday with the air con on. Everything was fine until I got off the motorway and noticed a stange noise. It sounded like a grinding noise. I pulled over and revved the engine and the grinding sound got worse as the revs increased. The noise appeared to be related to the air con as when I switched it off the noise went away, but came back once I switched it on. At this point I noticed I wasn't getting any cold air anymore. I switched the engine off and left it for a while and now the grinding noise seems to have stopped. But when I switch A/C on, the fan comes on but I don't hear the "click" of the compressor coming in, and I don't get any cold air. Does anybody know what could be wrong? People have suggested it needs re-gassing but it sounds more serious than that to me. thanks!
  3. gwhite73

    Rust On 3 Year Old Door Frame?!!

    He did name the dealer. You can't work out his play on words?
  4. gwhite73

    Quick Clear Windscreen

    The heated windscreen is for removing frost from the outside of the windscreen. For condensation on the inside of the windscreen, set the blower all the way to the right so that the AC comes on. The dehumidified air that the AC provides will clear the condensation much faster than without.
  5. Agreed. I don't think it would be a wise move to go kicking up a fuss with the dealer just because ETIS says it doesn't have a particular feature that is we all know is standard. Wait until the car arrives, check it, and if it's fine, no problem. If it isn't then cross that bridge if and when you come to it.
  6. gwhite73

    Mystery Mp3 Tracks

    this sounds like a wind-up
  7. gwhite73

    Spongy Brakes

    Hi I have a 2010(60) 1.4 tdci mk7 and I've noticed that I seem to have to press the brake a lot further before the brakes react than what I do in similar new cars. In fact I test drove a 62 plate b max the other day and my head hit the steering wheel when I braked! The braking effort seems fine it's just that the first half of the pedal seems to do nothing whereas other cars seem to react even if you push the brake pedal a millimeter. I've recently had new pads which hasn't seem to have made any difference. Does anyone know what might be wrong? I've just had a service 3 weeks ago and the cars still under warranty Thanks
  8. gwhite73

    Auto Locking Doors?

    Not much help for us guys unfortunately, but it looks as though foreign spec Fiestas do have an auto lock option. At 0:37 the doors are unlocked (the little orange LED is out), but when he drives the car forward and the speed goes up (albeit on axle stands), at 1:29 the doors look like they've locked themselves? I guess there would be completely different modules/software for these cars though, and I suppose there's more hijackings in Mexico.
  9. gwhite73

    Mk7 Oil Leak

    Hi i took my 2010 1.4tdci Mk7 in for it's third service recently and was told they had spotted an oil leak. Apparently it's from a washer of some sort, but i've now been told it's in an inaccessible place and they'll need the car for 2-3 days as the "engine needs to be stripped down" Any idea what part they might be referring to? I've not seen any leaks under the car cheers
  10. it only does that if you turn the dial all the way to the demister setting. if you leave it one notch before , you still get air blowing towards the windscreen but the AC doesn't activate.
  11. Mine's a 1.4 tdci and does it too -- it's definitely not the metal 'pinging', it sounds in too much of a rapid sequence for that. I think it sounds like relays resetting or something like that Listen to this video, when the guy shuts the engine off you hear the same noise I think it's normal - nothing to do with the AC though as mine has been off for ages edit: video doesn't seem to be working try this
  12. gwhite73

    Car Starting Prob

    Also if you hold the accelerator all the way down it doesn't put any fuel in at all, supposed to be for if the engine was flooded, so it'll never start if you have the accelerator pushed all the way - no fuel is getting in.
  13. gwhite73

    Fiesta Mk7 / Mk8? Heaters Poor

    I too notice the same with my 1.4 tdci, I have to have the heat set on maximum and the blowers on at least 2 or 3 to get any sort of decent heating out of it. Perhaps it's the diesels that seem to suffer from this? In my old Mk6 petrol it would be roasting if you had the heat on full. The air con doesn't seem to blow as cold as it did in the Mk6 either...
  14. gwhite73

    Fiesta 2010 (Mk7) Steering Knocking

    fingers crossed the re-greasing will fix it for you - eventually i had the steering knuckle where the column goes into the floor replaced, but the problem's fixed anyway.
  15. gwhite73

    Fiesta 2010 (Mk7) Steering Knocking

    i have the same problem on my 2010 mk7 too, in my experience ford won't want to do it under warranty as they class it as an "adjustment" and adjustments are only covered for the first 12 months (apparently) and not for the entire 3 year warranty they quoted me £49 to grease the steering column as per the t.s.b. i took the car back to the garage where i bought it (not ford) and got them to grease it instead - this did not fix it. ford have advised them the next step is to replace the steering knuckle at the bottom of the column (where it goes into the floor) and fingers crossed this will fix it. it seems a very common problem with the mk7.