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  1. I am having problems the clutch pedal has gone stiff and you have to pull it up with your foot so you can change gear need help please
  2. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    60 all in
  3. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    Just put this on will it do the job
  4. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    The Exide Premium car battery range, is ideal for modern vehicles which rely on more and more electrical equiptment. The Exide Preium Car battery range covers over 90% of the UK vehicles and are maintance free for total peace of mind. Amp Hours: (Ah): 72AhCold Cranking Amp: (CCA): 720CCALength: 278mmWidth: 175mmHeight: 175mm
  5. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    The other thing I was looking is to chip it any ideas
  6. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    All sorted now europarts saved the day 60 pounds top notch lol
  7. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    Am going to change the battery to a silver one from halfords think that will sort it
  8. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    The battery just died the light come on so I shot home when I turned off and tried to restart the battery was flat so fitted and battery first then tested the altanotor charging at 10v so fitted a new one then charging at 14v but sounds like it's the battery as it's not a silver one that I put on
  9. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    It was a halfords one the battery and a none genuine ford altanotor
  10. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    It's a 2007 2.0 tdci
  11. Hi I fitted a new altanotor and new battery now the batter light come on after a shirt time some it dose not need some help
  12. Ford Sync Update

    there is an update due because of the repleace of the new fiesta it now has ford sync i will have to take it to ford as the update is not avalable for a usb as yet all the app for phones are rubbish vilingo is the worst lol
  13. Ford Sync Update

    How dose it work with ya phone do u need an app for the messages to be read out is yours the face lift model
  14. Ford Sync Update

    ho do i get the up date for ford sync so it reads out text messages i have a 62 plate titanium econitic and is there a cost
  15. Mk7 Fiesta With Sony Head Unit Sync Upgrade

    thanks mate hpoe fully then it will be out in early next year