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  1. Hi, I took my car in for an alloy refurb a couple of days ago after managing to scrape a curb. They provide a replacement wheel while they do the refurb. I've just noticed that the 3 nut covers are mangled. I know the guy used a manual wrench to remove the alloy, but he left someone else to fit the replacement while we went to sort the paperwork. I assume he's used a gun. When I go to get the refurbed alloy I'm going to see if they've got their own covers to put things right, or will be wanting a discount to pay for them replacing. Anyone know how much Ford charge? The plastic covers you get on Ebay (19mm?), does the standard Fiesta wrench fit over these, or do you have to remove them and use a smaller wrench? Are these a universal fit or are there specific ones to fit the Fiesta? I presume the Ford covers are metal and are (a bit) better? Cheers!
  2. Stone Chips

    I got round to having a go at the stone chips earlier this week. i wasn't 100% happy about the colour of the Halfords paint. Although it looked ok on the brush, it just seemed a bit dull after application and a bit of drying time. I decided to get a touch-up brush from Ford, and have just been to collect it as they had to order it in. I'm a bit confused now. As per my original post, the Halfords version had primer and colour coat, but no laquer. The Ford version has the colour coat, but also includes a laquer. Can anyone clarify for me if I should use the laquer or not? The fella in the parts department said I'd need to use it, but I don't know if he was guessing a bit. Can anyone help with the best way do do touch-ups? The version I'm trying (from a Youtube video) is put primer on if down to metal, using a cocktail stick rather than a brush...let dry 24hrs...add layers of colour coat, again using a cocktail stick, until a little proud of surface...after drying a few days, carefully rub down with 2000 or 2500grit wet&dry, keeping wet, until level with surface...polish out. I'm waiting to get the wet&dry which I'll stick on to a flat surface, maybe the end of a pencil. If fact, as I type, it's just dropped through the letterbox. Can anyone comment on the technique or offer any advice? Thanks!
  3. Stone Chips

    Hi, I've got a year old race red ST-2 which is suffering from several stone chips on the bonnet and front spoiler. I was going to buy a touch up pen from a Ford dealer, but have just impulse bought a kit from Halfords. It contains red primer and the colour coat. There was no clear coat included though. Will it need a clear coat on top or is it not necessary on small chips? Anyone used one of these Halfords kits before? Cheers.
  4. Fiesta St Concern...

    Hi, I picked up a year old ST-2 yesterday from a Ford dealer. I did around 50 miles yesterday, then have been on a 70 mile run today. Loving the engine performance, but have a couple of issues. When braking fairly hard, the car pulls to the left a bit. I'm going to check the tyre pressures when they've cooled down, but looks like one for the dealer to check otherwise. The car runs straight without pulling and I can feel no wheel vibrations. The other issue I'm more concerned about. It may be difficult to explain, but I'll give it a go. When I'm bored in traffic which isn't moving as quickly as I'd like, I sometimes do this thing where I quickly move the steering wheel left-right-left-right sort of thing, only about an inch either way, I guess a bit like a Formula One driver warming the tyres. Think steering round a pot hole you see at the last second, but repeated 2 or 3 times. When I do do this in the ST, after straightening the wheel, it's like the whole car continues to move left and right for a couple of seconds or so, feeling pretty unstable. Driver aids left on as default by the way. Has anyone experienced this or can you try it for me? It may be that it's a compromise with the chasis/suspension in the same way that the ride is hard and bouncy. The steering seems fine otherwise although I'm still getting used to the car. Will talk to the dealer about it later in the week and see if I can have a go in another ST they have for sale, but just want other experiences first. Thanks.
  5. Fiesta St Questions...

    Will try the spare I have when I get the car. If it fits the rear only, think I can cope with doing 2 swaps in the relatively unlikely occurrence of a (front) puncture. The more I read about ST thefts, the more paranoid I'm becoming. Will get a Disklok. Was put off a bit by now fiddly they seem to put on, but seems like any alternative offers little protection. Apart from used on EBay, is there anywhere to get one cheaper than £100? Will take the OBD fuse out. Some owners talk of pushing the port out of the way. Is this easy to do without risking 'losing' it? Thinking that wrapping it in extra sticky electrical tape first would be another hurdle. Going to take out GAP cover also. Just another quick thought about keyless start... If I press the fob as l approach the car, could someone just jump in and drive off, even though the keys are in my pocket or does the key need to be in the car? Cheers!
  6. Fiesta St Questions...

    Oops! Sorry about what a presume were a stack of duplicate threads. Kept getting an error. Didn't think to check if they'd actually posted.
  7. Fiesta St Questions...

    Hi, I'm trading in my 2012 Zetec S for a 12 month old ST-2 with Style Pack. I realise some of these questions have been answered before from briefly browsing the forum over the months, but as they weren't relevant at the time the answers didn't stick. Doing some searches has got me some way, but I'm just wanting definitive answers. I bought a 175/65/R14 spare wheel for the Zetec S. I can remember some debate about whether it would fit an ST, some saying yes, some saying no, some saying it would fit the rears but not the fronts. What's the conclusion? Not sure if having the Style Pack with the grey alloys makes a difference. What's the correct wheel/tyre combo if not? My car will have keyless start, but not keyless entry. Is this susceptible to the OBD break-in, and is removing fuse 19 the answer, with no side effects? Can anyone recommend a steering wheel lock, which will fit, as an extra deterrent? Don't want to spend too much or have anything too awkward. How about the Stoplok 4x4 (at Argos for £26.99)? Didn't have GAP insurance with the Zetec S. I said no to the dealer on the ST, but I'm tempted to get it aftermarket. Any recommendations and idea of cost for back to invoice? (car is costing just under £14k). Anyone take out alloy or scratch insurance. Any ideas on cost and of actual experiences claiming/repairing? I know we're just moving into summer :-) but is an ST with ESC completely off going to be similar in the snow to a Zetec S with ESP off? ie. not great :-) Sorry for all the questions! Thanks in advance.
  8. Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 Towing Eye Cover...

    Just for anyone who needs to know in future, I got a new one from the local Ford dealer for £17.
  9. I've lost the towing eye cover from the front grille. I've looked on Ebay, but can't see any on there. Anyone any idea of anywhere to get one apart from a Ford dealer? Presuming they have them, any idea of cost? As a slight aside, am I right in saying that black painted Zetec S cars, like mine, have a different colour trim? ie. grey rather than black. Thanks!
  10. Inflator/spare Tyre

    Another question...which Fiesta wheel jacks fit the mk7? Do I need a specific mk7 one or do those earlier fiesta versions if or even other Fords fit?
  11. Inflator/spare Tyre

    Just been to have the tyre looked at. He removed the foreign object which although it looked like the head of clout nail, had a screw thread a bit like a grub screw. Probably more than you needed to know :). He said it looked like I've gotten away with it and also warned against ever using the inflator kit in future as the tyre would be unrepairable. I'll just keep an eye on the pressure for a while.. I called into the local Ford dealer to get an idea of what a spare wheel kit would cost. He said an economy tyre it would be around £200, probably a shade over. He was trying to work out what size tyre and wheel would be needed to match the Streetpack alloys, although I was hoping it wouldn't matter that much if there was a bit of a difference as it would only be a short-term measure if ever needed. Don't know thoughts on that one?
  12. Inflator/spare Tyre

    Yeah, it's that old chestnut. I've got a 2012 Fiesta Zetec S which was bought used and came with an inflator kit. I noticed on Sunday that I've got a nail in one of the rear tyres. It may have been there some time, but I had just got back from the recycle place, so it could well have been from there. Fortunately it's holding the pressure. Now in my previous car I would have just pulled the nail out. If I was met by a deflating tyre I would have just popped the spare on and called to have the tyre repaired in the next day or two. Knowing I have no spare, I couldn't pull the nail out to see if the tyre needed repairing or not. Otherwise we're talking inflator kit, maybe being told that it couldn't be repaired, hence one or two new tyres and a new can of gunk for the inflator. It's making me feel a bit paranoid, being stuck in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, trying to figure out how to use the inflator and hoping it'll work. What are people's real world experiences of punctures when you've only got the inflator kit? Have they been able to repair the tyre or said you'll have to buy a new one? Have many of you bought a spare tyre and kit? I've just had a look on Ebay. Most tyres on there seem to be 175/65R14 will one of these be ok to use as a temporary spare for the Streetpack alloys(205/40/7) I have? Will a spare from any Fiesta fit? eg. mk5, mk7 Cheers!
  13. Fiesta Zetec S "street Pack"

    I had this issue when I bought my used Zetec S 6 months ago. The photos had the Streetpack alloys on, but the car only had standard. I presumed I must have imagined the streetpacks on the photo, so had already bought the car when I realised otherwise. The sales manager checked the Ford system which tells them what options etc. the car had when it rolled of the production line. This proved that somehow the alloys on mine had been swapped since manufacture. He said they could be in a lot of trouble from Ford for it. They ended up putting the Streetpack alloys from another car onto mine as they were struggling to locate the actual ones. Two wrongs and all that :) Get them to prove they not been removed on yours
  14. Bluetooth Phone Problem...

    I've a recently bought 12-plate Fiesta Zetec S and have just been having a play with the phone set-up using my LG GD510 POP phone. If I receive a call, the car audio mutes, the call details display and I can answer the call using the 'M' button (or reject it using the console arrows and OK button). I can also see my phones' phonebook on the car display so everything looks ok with the Bluetooth connection. The voice system won't respond to me saying 'PHONE' though even after repeated efforts and despite all other voice functions working ok. If I use the console controls to go into the phone fuctions and key in a phone no. to dial or use the phonebook, the display just goes immediately back to the last audio function (eg. radio), or there's a voice saying 'NO NETWORK'. I can make calls on my phone directly though. Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something? As a slight aside, if I receive a call on the car system, is it possible to 'transfer' the call back to the phone, for instance, if I was just parking up and was leaving the car? Cheers!
  15. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I've a petrol 1.6 S which I've had a couple of weeks. It's 8 months old and has only done 2000 miles. It's the short journeys which are killing my mpg. I only travel 3 miles to work and can see the readout dropping for the first 1.5miles before it stabilises then edges up. I'm only getting 28mpg on the trip meter. After a reset I did a run the weekend before last which was a steady 55 miles in some of the scenic bits of Derbyshire followed by returning on the M1 at 80-85mph. This returned 40mpg. This weekend I did another steady run on just A and B-roads and got 46mpg which I'm happier about. I'll do real figures when I fill up next.