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  1. I've got the Ecoboost 1.0 with Titanium trim. Every once in a while, the climate control seems to spontaneously reset itself to 22C and auto mode when the car has been left unattended. It came as a surprise the first time it did it in winter, since I like to drive cool and for a moment thought I had a fever coming on! I have an suspicion that it may be linked to manual operation of the powerfold mirrors (which normally I have set non-auto because the car is rarely left on the street). I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?
  2. I was surprised by a call from the dealer early this morning. Having wisely suspected that I wasn't overly delighted at Friday's disasterous attempt to implement the fix (that left my car unusuable), they worked at it over the weekend and apparently discovered why the firmware flash had initially failed. Just to be sure, they also tested the DDS by partly deflating a tyre! So, it seems that the problem may now be solved.
  3. Indeedy, congratulations Dave !
  4. Well, yes and no. You're right, I could reject the car. Been there, done that before with a new car that had piston slap. On the other hand, apart from this defect, it's a good car, so I don't want to "cut off my nose to spite my face". What's best for me is to have it working properly, now. "Bricking" one of the computers has now rather forced their hand, they will have to resolve something promptly.
  5. Latest update to the Deflation Detection System saga : After 4 hours at local dealer to implement the Ford fix, the dashboard now apparently "lights up like a Christmas tree" and they're afraid to let me have the car back. Basically, they seemed to have trashed the software. Now with courtesy car. Dealer promises to contact Ford field service rep on Monday in attempt to work out what to do! Also, coincidentally, got formal recall letter today from Ford explaining that there was a problem with the DDS system and my dealer needed to examine it.
  6. Sony Dab Stereo Sound Issues

    I agree, the Sony audio on my Ecoboost Titanium sounds very "processed". I'm not really an audiophile, so It's hard for me to put a finger on quite what's wrong. At first I imagined that it was just the inherent crudeness of low-sample-rate DAB, but when I try other sources they sound a bit rough too.
  7. Finally (after 3 months), an update! Urgent call today from the dealer; they've heard from Ford that there is a potential fix for the DDS issue, and they want me to book the car in. So, in just over a week I should learn of they have managed to fix the DDS. In the meanwhile, I notice that Ford ETIS database entry for my car has now started showing an "Outstanding Field Service Action", 3S520 - FIESTA - TYRE DEFLATION DETECT SYSTEM (DDS).
  8. I can understand that the "software" DDS approach might not be as sophisticated as the system that uses sensors in each wheel, but when specifying the car decided it might be better than nothing! I know that the same technique can work tolerably well on other cars.
  9. Thanks for the ideas folks. I'll report back any progress. It's ironic, because apart from this "little setback" which also exposes the pitiful customer service, it's a lovely car !
  10. Why, would that be bad ? ;-) Probably best I don't say where it came from for now. I'm writing to both dealer and finance co giving them one more chance to demonstrate that something is actively being done to fix the issue. If they can't provide objective evidence that things are likely to get fixed, then the next step is a shot across the bows from my legal team. .. And I can reject a car - I did it years ago with a Peugeot that had piston slap from new, started knocking at the first cold weather!
  11. How fascinating! Yes, it shows "Tyre Pressure Monitor Sys-DDS"
  12. The car is part financed and the finance company have been informed early on. It's on a cash plan so interest has been paid upfront and nothing else is paid for 2 years. To summarise, they are not being very helpful.
  13. I don't think that it affects all Deflation Detection Systems (DDS), but I was told that "I was not the only person affected". The dealer apparently tried to reprogram the system but apparently were unable to do so. I imagine that if pushed hard enough, they could resolve the problem by replacing the affected ECU / computer in its entirety. It's the utter inability to communicate to the customer that astounds me. I would be sacked if I responded like that in my job.
  14. I collected my new Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost 125 from a local main dealer on 14th March, but soon noticed that the Deflation Detection System (which I had ordered at extra cost) didn't appear in the vehicle menu. Now you'd think that, being done in software, that would be easy to fix. Not so. The dealer had the car for THREE DAYS and declared that they couldn't fix it. The matter had to be escalated to Ford Technical department. Apparently Ford didn't have an answer, the problem had to be escalated to their design department. Nearly THREE MONTHS later, still no update from the dealer or Ford. If I call the Ford Customer Relationship centre, all they seem capable of doing is putting me on hold while they call the dealer to ask if there is any progress. It's an insane waste of time, literally going round in circles. If the dealer knew, I suspect that they would call me direct. Is there any way of getting information out of Ford other than them referring you back to the dealer network? I'm a qualified engineer, so I appreciate that problems can take time to fix, but it seem impossible to get any information about whether the problem is actually being addressed or just quietly forgotten about. This issue raises another interesting question. If the Deflation Detection System is, as the dealer first claimed, fitted but does not work, then (at least in theory) the car cannot pass the latest MOT tests which require that such systems (if fitted) must work. Not MOT-able > Not roadworthy! Is there anything I can do short of legal action?
  15. I've got the ecoboost 1.0 125 Titanium, now at around 1500 miles. I'm routinely getting better than 50mpg on my round trip to work (10 miles each way, mixed urban & motorway). I can get that trip up to 55mpg, but I have to work at it! On a leisurely weekend trip of around 400 miles (mostly A-roads and motorway) I achieved over 60mpg average. This was with 2 people in the car and a load of luggage. 500 miles on a tank is definitely achievable. It's definitely all about how the car is driven. The gear ratios still feel very weird to me but I'm gradually getting more used to them. I get a feeling that once you have got the car up to speed, you can often back right off on the throttle and it purrs along almost as if there is no friction. Higher speeds (e.g. above 70mph) knocks the consumption up quickly though.