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  1. Loud Noise When Driving

    Hi Yes. I've had it checked out at the garage and it is o/s/f wheel bearings. They were replaced just over 12 months ago so not happy having to get them replaced again.
  2. Ford Focus Zetec 2009 Wheel Pressure

    I have Focus Mk2 with 17" alloys and I put front tyres at 34 PSI and about 36/37 PSI in rear,
  3. Loud Noise When Driving

    BigD, thanks for your comments. I've been quite lucky with my Focus', had several and never had a major problem but now this one's getting a bit old so I'm more cautious. I've tried to ring garage but not open today so I was planning on taking it in for a check over on Thursday/Friday. Hopefully, it will be fine until then! Thanks
  4. Hi I have a 57 plate Ford Focus Zetec Climate and there is a loud noise that sounds like a washing machine appears to be coming from front passenger side wheel. I have had wheel bearings changed on both front wheels in the last year. Noise gets louder as I drive faster and when I hit 70 mph, steering wheel shakes a bit. Not sure whether its the wheels, balance etc. The tyres are due to be replaced in the next few weeks as tread getting low. Does anybody have any ideas of what it could be and if its still safe to drive? Thanks
  5. What Tyres Should I Buy?

    Hi I drive a Ford Focus Zetec Climate, 57 plate and need advice on buying tyres. I currently have Uniroyal Rain on which I feel are the best tyres I've had so far but wanted to check if there are any better or equally good tyres out there a bit cheaper. I drive approx 100 miles per day on motorways and country roads so I drive at high speed and lots of corners (not at the same time lol). I've phoned the garage today for a quote and they have suggested the following: Uniroyal Rain £130 each (Incl fitting, balance and vat) Kuhnos £86.80 each (incl fitting, balance and vat). I don't know much about cars - that's why I pay the garage and breakdown. I want a good all rounder with good grip and long lasting. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi

    Hi I'm new to this forum so thought I'd introduce myself. I own a Ford Focus Zetec Climate and I love the Focus, this being my fourth, bought from new. I drive approx 100 miles per day and needing some advice re tyres. Thanks
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Madisons123 :)