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  1. Does anybody know if it is possible to have an air conditioning unit fitted to this model. I read in a Haynes Manual that some models could have it fitted, but they didn't say which. I realise it would be expensive, but it would be worth it for me. I only use the car to drive to france in the summer, and the heat can get unbearable when I go down to the south of the country. Hope somebody can help. Thanks a lot Rich
  2. Thanks Eddie, am looking now. Not sure how to remove the old one though, Can you help ?
  3. Hi lads, My cigarette lighter unit has given up the ghost after 26 years. I need it to plug in my sat nav. My car is a 1990 Sierra 2 litre injection DOHC hatchback.Has anyone any ideas where I can get one. According to my local Ford Dealer they cant get the part. I haven't looked at any local breakers yards, as I don't hold out much hope. Any help would be really appreciated Thanks Richard
  4. Thanks mate,but its definitely not pinking,and the noise does seem to come from the gear box area,its a real weird one. Especially as it only does it when the weather is really cold. When its above say 5c its fine. Cheers Richie
  5. Hi all, Has anyone out there experienced a rattling or tapping noise when accelerating from cold in cold weather conditions,that disappears within a few minutes as the car warms up. My local Ford dealer can't figure it out,although he suspects it could be something to do with the gearbox,as it seems to be coming from that area. Thanks Richie
  6. Thanks mintalkin that's good news, I feel a lot happier now,cos i've just spent out a lot on servicing, and a re spray on both bumpers,so if I don't manage to find any new ones from fordparts I would have beeen gutted. Thanks again mate Richie
  7. Thanks Stoney thats what I was thinking. I have ordered a new pair from Ford parts but they are on back order, so whether I will ever get them is another matter. Thanks again Richie Hopefully I will be
  8. Does anyone know if suspension bump stops are included in the mot? Thanks Richie
  9. Does anyone know what the measurements (size) are for rear suspension bump stops for a 1990 Sierra 5 door hatchback DOHC 2L i Ghia.AS i have seen universal ones on the power flex website but there are various sizes, and obviously i need to know size i want so that i can order Thanks Richie
  10. Does anyone know what the measurements (size) are for rear suspension bump stops for a 1990 Sierra 5 door hatchback DOHC 2L i Ghia. Thanks Richie
  11. Can anyone please help. Im trying to obtain a pair of rear suspension bump stops for a 2ltr i dohc ghia hatchback. I've tried all over the place without success. Thanks Richie
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums richie the spod :)