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  1. 1.4 Tdci Injectors

    Hi My mk6 fiesta started smelling of fuel inside the other day. It's been misfiring when I take my foot off accelerator and takes a bit to start up. I've booked it in on Weds to get injector seals changed. Will it be ok to drive it till then? I need to do about 100 mile. 25 mile to work for 2 days. I've read it can cause a fire.
  2. Mk6 Brake Pedal Noise

    Hi, no when the ignition is off it doesn't do it. When you turn engine off it stops straight away
  3. Mk6 Brake Pedal Noise

    I'll have a look in morning. Thanks. Only had it 3 weeks and garage said they serviced it -but won't have !!
  4. Mk6 Brake Pedal Noise

    Hi On my mark6 fiesta there is a noise coming from the brake pedal. It's like a hissing noise. It's more noticeable when at traffic. If you then rest your foot on brake pedal and press it slightly it goes off. Take foot off again and it starts again, Any ideas what it could be? Thanks.
  5. Mk6 Instant Fuel

    Hi I've got a mark 6 with computer in dash. It shows average fuel. After reading manual it says in some countries you can get instant fuel too. ? Is this possible to enable? Thanks
  6. Wonder if they would fit a mk6.5 fiesta.
  7. My Minor Mods To Date

    Where did you get heater controls from ? Are they easy to change?
  8. Cruise Control On Mk6

    Hi Thinking of buying a Mk6 Fiesta 07 reg. Is it easy or hard or not possible to fit cruise control. Thanks
  9. Whirring Noise On Mk2

    Hi. Thanks. The mechanic I use is looking at mine on Weds. He seems to think its timing belt on mine.
  10. Whirring Noise On Mk2

    Hi, Last Thursday my focus started making a Whirring noise. The more you rev the engine the faster it gets. Its coming from the back of the engine somewhere - turbo, timing belt etc. It does it when your not moving so its not tyres, gearbox etc. If you depress clutch it still does it. I've also noticed that when your driving round town, if you come off the gas, it slows down alot more than it used to without braking. Any ideas ? Thanks
  11. Mark 2 Sidelight Wire

    Hi, well I tried today with a block connector to the side light and thats still the same - the lights don't dim. I tried it to the dimmed beam and that doesn't work either. I am presuming it goes to the brown wire on the dimmed beam ? Thanks
  12. Mark 2 Sidelight Wire

    Hi, I bought a set of RING DLR lights and fitted them today. They are supposed to go dimmer when I turn the sidelights on. The instructions ay use a scotch lock connector to wire to the side lights, when the side lights come on, they go dimmer. However mine don't seem to. I've wired it to the brown side light wire going to the sidelight bulb. There is also a grey one going to the bulb. Is the brown one definitely the positive one ? Thanks
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums karldenton :)