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  1. Buy the camping ticket and stay overnight we’re doing Saturday and Sunday nights
  2. Add another for me friend with a mk1 fiesta is coming
  3. Get in touch with a car detailing company they will sort you out. If you’re in Yorkshire my son has a detailing business https://tphdetails.com/
  4. Did you get this problem fixed? Mine were just pointing down so the dealer re-calibrated them. Seem better but not convinced they are right yet
  5. Tickets and camping ordered for 3 of us. Looking forward to seeing you all in August
  6. Sorry guys I’ve seen them in the flesh and don’t really like them
  7. My daughter says she might come in her new Fiesta ST3 that she gets next month
  8. It’s been such a long time since I posted here thought I should update. Engine bay plastics enhanced courtesy of Paintmodz AirTec intercooler and induction pipe Milltek sport cat and non resonated exhaust Stage 2 remap
  9. Haha just posted asking about this 🥱 I’m definitely up for it my son will come and at least one mate so that’s 3 cars straight up
  10. Any news on the club going to Ford Fair this year? It’s on 9th August. I couldn’t make it last year and really missed it. We need a club code to order tickets from the site.
  11. Can't seem to find any news on here about this years event. Are we having a stand? I know that other clubs are already booking in so hope that we're going. If we are have we got a password for the booking site?
  12. I fitted Michelin PS4 all round on the RS a couple of months bay. Feel better than the PSS fitted as standard and slightly cheaper which was a bonus. Used kwik fit home fitting service who were excellent
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