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  1. Can't seem to find any news on here about this years event. Are we having a stand? I know that other clubs are already booking in so hope that we're going. If we are have we got a password for the booking site?
  2. I fitted Michelin PS4 all round on the RS a couple of months bay. Feel better than the PSS fitted as standard and slightly cheaper which was a bonus. Used kwik fit home fitting service who were excellent
  3. £400 for the RS with Halifax insurance over £200 cheaper than Esure renewal quote
  4. Are you going to ford fair this year Dan?
  5. You need to contact Chris then he’s having a fitting day on the Saturday but not sure he’s doing it on Sunday
  6. Tickets arrived today we are on stand T10 but no idea where that is as no map or anything included. Looking forward to the camping again and our ritual trip to Towester for a curry and a Cobra or 6! Hope to have a couple of additional small mods to be fitted by Paintmodz on the day.
  7. Couple of small upgrades done Fitted plastic inner to the bonnet vents to stop water ingress left a gap at the front so it can run away and gloss black rear wiper and rear badge fitted. Still need a front one which is on order for Ford fair
  8. How are you finding the PS4 compared to the PSS tyres dan I’m just toying with them myself I’ve heard they’re a lot grippier and longer lasting
  9. Looking forward to seeing the wheels on the car
  10. As a temporary measure I’ve waterproofed the bonnet lining but still working on a permanent fix so that can be removed now the weather is improving
  11. Autobrite products are good quality and reasonable prices they often have offers around bank holiday weekends as well
  12. Apologies that this has been so long posting link to bonnet vents being fitted. Hope you enjoy
  13. I'm not worrying about it Dan it is what it is so if it goes pop I'll get a new engine turbo and clutch which is a bonus really. My dealer has one with a blown head in the pound waiting for parts. They'd tested it and it was fine then two weeks later the dreaded white smoke appeared. I'm not risking having the pressure test whilst everything is OK just hope ford get the themselves sorted and parts to dealers so they can crack on.