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  1. Yes book tickets using the club code above and you will get on our stand
  2. It’s very temperamental when the weather is cold just use the key instead and wait until it gets warmer
  3. I’ll be ordering hopefully 5or 6 cars
  4. Date announced for this year’s Ford Fair 13th August. Do we have a club code yet?
  5. So we’re on T10 which is a great spot should get lots of folks viewing our stand
  6. Got my car passes today says we are on stand T10. Not been able to find a site plan yet for where that is
  7. And another booked for an Escort XR3i That's 6 of us coming along. Can't wait now fingers crossed the weather is a bit kinder to us than last year.
  8. Tickets and camping booked for me and 4 friends including a Sierra Cosworth.
  9. Date announced for next year. Hopefully going to be four of us going again for a long weekend. Let’s hope the weather is better than last time. I take it we’ll be having a stand again? MOD EDIT: BOOKING INFORMATION Here are the links and access code for members to book tickets: Book Tickets: https://www.fastcar.co.uk/ford-fair/ff-club-tickets/ Access Code: FORdOWneRScLuB Booking Instructions... 1. Club members must go to https://www.fastcar.co.uk/ford-fair/ff-club-tickets/ 2. Click 'Book Club Tickets' and select 'Tickets' on this page. 3. You will then be prompted to enter your club access code (as above). 4. Proceed to select required tickets and place order 5. Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email as proof of payment The way the booking works for 2022 has been slightly changed. You no longer need to select a vehicle pass separately to your entry ticket, it is now a 2 in 1 ticket. You will however still need to enter your vehicle details as required.
  10. Looks like a decent spot this time. Weather forecast is good for Sunday as well 😎
  11. Philf1


    Check the Ford fair 2021 thread
  12. If you’re in the West Yorkshire east Manchester area my son has a detailing business https://tphdetails.com/ but please don’t tell him you use washing up liquid 🙉 I know I’m probably a bit biased but he’s really good check out his google reviews and Instagram account
  13. Try Autobrite products I find them excellent quality and reasonable prices https://www.autobritedirect.co.uk/
  14. Buy the camping ticket and stay overnight we’re doing Saturday and Sunday nights
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