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  1. When cutting my engine I can what must be the turbo still spinning. This make a whining noise before it comes to a halt. Does this very briefly. About 2 to 3 seconds. I wondering if this is normal or a cause for concern. I had a Fusion 1.4 tdci previously and didn't notice this.
  2. Hello members, Im having problems with my 05 Fusion 1.4 TDCI.  EAC is flashing in dash and engine wont rev over 2000 rpm

  3. I have an intermittent starting problem on my Fusion 1.4 tdci. It can happen when the engine is hot or cold. They'res plenty of power in the battery and starter spins engine very good but it just doesn't fire up. Eventually engine will start. There's nothing wrong with the the way the car is running. I was wondering if the problem could be water and/or air in the fuel but surely this would affect the running.
  4. Hi again Leesid, do you mean snip the wires away from the main plug that plugs into radio and join them?
  5. Ok got you. Let you know how I get on thanks
  6. Hi again Leesid, cant quite see can+ and can- on the image u sent me. When u say join the wires together, where exactly do they have to be joined?
  7. Thats great thanks. I'm still getting used to using this forum. I wanted to send you a link to see a picture of the lead on ebay but there doesn't see to be an option when replying to you through this Ford owners website. I have got the item number though its 390 961 553 298
  8. Thanks for your reply Leesid, dont think I could afford an Xtrons. Since my last post I have discovered a Volkswagon wiring adaptor that allow me to fit the 6000. Thanks also for reply fusionfan2, I agree with you about the noise issue. I only listen to mine when parked!
  9. Thanks for your reply, Haynes manual says sometimes "considerable" force is needed to move piston. Dont know why that should be so. Will take on board your comments.
  10. Hello members, I have a Fusion 1.4 tdci 2005. NOT the later model with the squarer mirrors that was introduced later that year. I bought a set of new brake pads and discs to fit. But I couldn't get the caliper piston to retract to make space for the new pads. It seems incredibly stiff. But I dont think it could be seized as braking has been ok, not pulling to one side. The method I was using to push the piston in was levering a piece of wood against it. This has always worked on the 03 Fusion I used to have. This is the first stiff one I have experienced. I know I could probably use a gclamp but it seems so stiff that I might brake something by forcing it. Does anyone have any ideas.
  11. Yes you are absolutely right. My only hope is that the wiring adapter that came wirh the Kenwood will fit the 6000. Thanks for info.
  12. Hello members, I have a 2005 Fusion that had a 4500 radio/cd. As this unit had no aux in I started using a fm transmitter which used to suffer from interference in certain areas. So I installed a Kenwood radio that had inputs. The thing is that I dont think it sounds as good as the original 4500 unit. I have ordered a Ford 6000 unit that is fitted to later Fusions as this has an audio input. Has anybody out there done this and if so, will the 6000 fit into the space on the facia vacated by the 4500 or will the facia have to be changed to accommodate the 6000?
  13. Ok thanks Jeebowhite I agree thats the only way round it. Will make sure I get a decent filter next time.
  14. Hello members, I have a Fusion 1.4 tdci. I fitted a new fuel filter at 55k . Haynes book recommends draining every 12.5 k. I tryed to drain it but nothing came out. So I removed drain plug and noticed that it dosent have a hole running through it even though it is designed to attach tubing to it. Also no fuel came out of filter with plug removed. I think there is no hole through to where fuel sits. I didn't want to make a hole in case bits of plastic enter fuel feed and block injectors. The filter is a pattern part and not a genuine Ford item. The filter is not due to be replaced until 93k. Is it really important to drain the water out of the fuel. ?