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  1. Clutch Pedal Return Spring

    Wow, this job truly is a b@stard to do!!! Just spent about 4-5 hours doing this. Managed to find the hole in chassis and get the spring in there but getting the longer bit of the spring over the slot in the clutch pedal was more than a challenge. I tried the penny route but found i couldnt get the spring into the hole in the chassis, so i used 5p pieces instead as they are slightly smaller. Even with these in, the spring wasnt stretched enough and i just could not get the other end onto the clutch pedal. My eventual solution - i found some old cable (think mine was off a lamp) and i fed this through under the steering wheel - i then tied this to the spring. I then pulled this to get the spring to stretch whilst my father in law positioned the spring into place on the clutch pedal. Job done. On a separate note, does anyone know if i need to apply any grease or anything to this spring? Thanks for the assistance of people who have posted before me as i wouldnt have even attempted this without finding this post. I hope my way helps someone else who may be struggling with this. Just be warned, as Stef123 said, be prepared for a sore back and cut hands!!
  2. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    I am deeply missing the power of my 2 litre so im not sure how much longer i will keep this. May well end up getting a 1.8 if its likely to deliver the same mpg!!
  3. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Thanks Sierrayankee. Sorry for asking the same question so many times, as i said, was just trying to understand. I appreciate your time and patience and will now just accept that i dont have a very economical car!!
  4. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Sierrayankee, i think you have misinterpreted my questioning as not accepting your answers. That is most certainly not the case. I dont know alot about cars and im just trying to get everything clear in my head so i fully understand how it is that my new car is less economical than my old car! Im sure you can appreciate its difficult when you are being told something by one person and somehting different by another! Anyway, i didn't mean any offence to anyone and appreciate all the answers that have been left!
  5. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    yes, they reckon i should be getting around 30mpg!
  6. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Thanks for all your replies so far. What i dont get though is that the advertised MPG is 32. Now i know this is in a perfect situation but it is based on the engine running from cold and only covering about 2 miles - eg a short journey like i do. I dont understand therefore why it isnt getting at least 25-28mpg or something closer to its advertised mpg??
  7. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Hi Sierrayankee, thanks for your reply. One question though, why on earth are the ford dealer telling me i should get 30mpg??
  8. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Vehicle was last serviced end of january. Sierra yankee, i'd accept your point but i was getting the same mileage from a 10 year old 2 litre car. This is a 1.6. Surely i should be getting better mileage than i am?
  9. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    So does anyone have any ideas on the above? I took it to my local ford dealer and they reckoned it should do at least 30mpg even on short journeys. Im getting about 250 from a tank, the same as my 2litre 10 year old peugeot 206. Ford said the first thing they had to do was a PCM upgrade to the latest software, i let them do this and it has made no difference. My warranty co are unwilling to let ford do any more work on it but the warranty co dont have a clue what might be wrong with it and are trying to say its normal!! My journey to work is only about 4 1/2 miles but surely i should be getting more than 250 from a tank?? I put 50 litres i it last month so thats about 22.7mpg. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. As would any comments on mileage from anyone else that owns a 1.6 zetec. Cheers
  10. Help!!!

    For anyone that may have been interested i have managed to sort it! One of the pins had indeed broken and i had to force the radio out. Once it was out i removed the broken pin from the side of the radio. It now obviously only clips in on 3 sides but this doesn't seem to cause any problems!
  11. http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/equipment/Su....aspx?model=269 select your exact model from there. I wouldnt know though where you could get the parts from though.
  12. Help!!!

    I bought some stereo keys and 3 of them have clicked in, however, the last one is not gripping whatever i try. I now have 3 sides of my stereo released! Problem gets worse because they keys wont release until the stereo is out, so i have 3 keys sticking out of the stereo!! Can anyone offer any help or advice? Is there a way to get the stereo out? I have a 2005 focus zetec and a 6000 stereo with the knob in the middle. Thanks in advance!!
  13. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Thanks for all your replies. I'm just getting to half a tank and its only just done 100 miles. Im a little concerned still as my 2.0 litre Peugeot GTI on a 1999 V plate did 240 miles to a tank, and its not looking like this is going to do any more miles, despite being a smaller, newer and more economical engine. I am beginning to think i have a problem!
  14. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    OK, Thanks. I will give that a try.
  15. 20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Hello, this is my first post on this board so wanted to say hi and i hope someone can help me!! I have just bought a 55 plate ford focus zetec 1.6. I only use the car to go to and from work which is about 3-4 miles each way. The trip is stop start town driving. My trip computer is showing my average speed at 9 miles per hour and my MPG at 19.7! This seems very low. Do you think i have a problem or is it just because of the very short distances i drive? Dont know if this makes a difference but the car only has 8000 on the clock. If anyone can offer advice it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!