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  1. Flacid Handbrake Lever Mk111 Tdci 2004

    Took too my local mechanic grand old fella 2 new cables breaks released and serviced £112.82 inc vat and case of carlsberg cant beat little independant garages ....
  2. Hardly any tension when pulling handbrake lever any point me in right direction is it fixable at home im ok with spanners ......
  3. I Just Cant Put It Down

  4. Rs Owner Lanarkshire :)

    Bonny car i saw a similar one but estate Rs in Stranraer a couple of weeks back whilst on holiday up there cracking car and the road between stranny and ayr is awesome apart from the silly average speed camera,s
  5. Cree Torch

    I concur i have 2 one in the glove box [ her indoors sometimes works at night as a carer and she loves the light it gives off ] and one in the tool bag these are awesome torches get one or even 2 now as we all know the nights are drawing in
  6. Ford Tensioner Crazy Price-Wowcher!!!

    Hiya bud do you have a contact number for said jag dealership
  7. I have no idea how would i decide which one it is or is there a test ?
  8. HI AGAIN GUYS I HOPE YOUR ENJOYING THE SUN...... Im looking to replace said irritating item but which one do i get is there a supplier [Not ford] and what sort of prices i will get a my local mech too do it me thinks the rattling does my nut in cheeers The Dawg.....
  9. Is that the same rating for a MK3 MONDEO ALSO ?
  10. Fed Up With My Mk3 Mondeo

    £85 for the discs and pads labour was free cos i got my box of trusty spanners and sockets out oh a long bar was a nececity too free off the 15 carrier bolts after a 12 hour doing of plus gas pretty straight forward really always nervous pulling a new marque apart but its good now ....
  11. Fed Up With My Mk3 Mondeo

    Well i bit the bullet bought new discs and pads.....Seeing as the calipers and mounts were off got the dremel and a wire brush attachment cleaned all the crud off extended the piston a little cleaned the 5 mm of crud off the leading edge copper slipped everything reassembled and so far all is good so thanks for the advice my thought now was when the dis was warm metal exapnded and the crusty edge was rubbing on the carrier as there was a clear flat edge ........
  12. Fed Up With My Mk3 Mondeo

    Thanks jeebo copperslip party tomorrow morning is it the same with the rears
  13. Fed Up With My Mk3 Mondeo

    Thanks steve it a start
  14. Its a goodlooking auto estate 9 year old 86000 miles ghia tdci .. 6 weeks ago rear off side bearing changed then a week later a squeal from the front ive had it up in the air the front wheel has no play the caliper is fine well lubed up and clear the pads have a good 8mm left the disc looks ok no play as in bearing .....WTF is the noise is there a secret thing ive missed just read up that poss that when rear bearing replacement done sometimes the rear pads/caliper are misaligned is it poss that the noise im hearing isnt the front but the rear soemone must be more knowledgable and have and answer ..... Please advise or im looking for another GTB Legacy