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  1. Mondeo 1.8

    hi is anyone out there that can help, is the speedo on the dash contected to the coil pack. reason for this is when the car cold no problems but when the car gets optimum temp the speedo drops and then the stuttering and the missfire starts and to make it worse when the headlights get put on the car has a fit and fires on three pisrons and turn off the lights goes bak to four please help thanks mondy 1.8 52plate
  2. Ford Mondeo 1.8

    just realised that you could be rite as wen engine gets to optimum temp the speedo drops to nuffin and then the missfires start ie wen engine gets warm coil pak plays up will keep u posted wen change pak
  3. Ford Mondeo 1.8

    hi mate if it was a faulty coil pack would it not be like that all the time through every gear and do it on initial start up.......as it also hesitates has a miny fit thru 1st and 2nd gear ie missfire when the lights are off in the day time
  4. Ford Mondeo 1.8

    hi i new to this but please help as pulling my hair out............ mondy 52 plate 1.8 engine starts ok on key idles ok as soon as you put on the headlights there is a power drainage and the engine runs on three pistons only but when you take the headlights off the engine returns to 4 pistons this is now becoming a headache please help thank you
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums brads1973 :)