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  1. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    Anyone help plz. The car was doing it very violently before:( the engine is even doing it when the car is idling Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    Yea thanks for that pal saved me a few quid trying to sort that problem. The cars still bunny hopping though quite a lot:( Gonna check all the pipes later. Any ideas what else could cause this problem? Hate this car!!! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    It was done by the cowboys at powertune in widnes, Cheshire.
  4. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    The lights still off and tthe car certainly feels better. The car was bunny hopping a lot in every gear at every rev range and since I'd blanked the egr valve off I knew it couldn't be because of that so I was advised it must be the fuel filter. Had that changed today and it has done it 3 times. That's like 90x better than it was but it worries me that it has still done it. Is that normal for a new fuel filter? Do they need to bed inn? Or could it be something else causing it? Thanks
  5. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    Half of my post above is missing for some reason? Here's the full post. Thanks to the diagnostics check I was put on the right track and thanks to this thread I checked to see if the sensor had been unplugged,, guess what it hadn't! BINGO!!! no I have no warning light or engine system failure on the dash and increased power. I'll just have to wait and see if it goes into limp mode and smokes again. I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed
  6. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    Thanks to the diagnostics check I was put on the right track and thanks to this thread http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?/topic/50546-P2584-Eml
  7. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    Hi guys sorry for the revival of my old thread. Iv had the car on a diagnostics tool that came back with low eolys fluid. Iv been told to have this filled with diesel. If I fill it will the error automatically go and the car go back to normal or will I still need the car to be put on a computer and have the sensor reset? Thanks Al
  8. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    Thanks for the reassurance. I fitted the blanking plate yesterday. After I fitted it I took it for a spin. The car disnt blow up so I'm happy with that lol the car seemed to be a bit more responsive with a little extra pull but wasn't sure if it was just a placebo in my head so I sent the mrs out, when she returned she said it feel like a different car just like when we first got it. I'm still getting the system engine failure with the little red light though?? Time will tell, hopefully it won't go into its sluggish mode and start smoking again. I'm hopeful but not counting my chickens just yet. Thanks
  9. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    I was thinking along the lines of the egr valve or the turbo. I was thinking of giving the egr a clean. Would the egr cause an issue like this? Have you fitted the blanking plate? Any links for it? Thanks
  10. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    When the dpf is removed it improves the performance of the car. It slows the car to breathe
  11. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    Hi mate. The dpf has been removed so its not the dpf that's the problem. Tbh I didn't even know what a dpf was when I bought this car but now I know everything about them.
  12. Hi guys Iv owned my 57 plate focus 1.6 tdci for just under a year now. Within a month of owning it the dpf failed so it was either have it replaced by ford for over £1000 of have it removed and deleted for £400. I opted for the removal. Anyway after having the dpf removed the car was spot on, loads of power and no warning lights. It did however now and then let out a but if smoke. Recently the car had a engine system failure warning and a red light on the dash come on but there was no signs of any problems so I put it down to the dpf not being deleted propery. After the light being on for a few weeks the lost all its power. It would get up to speed and I could use more than 3000 revs but just seemed to struggle to get up to speed and the car started to smoke randomly i.e. it would smoke every 5th trip out. I noticed it would only smoke when I took my food off the pedals. It would let out quite a bit if smoke. I got the car serviced by ford hoping that that would sort the problem. It did sort the power issue but on the odd occasion the car will lose all its power and smoke. if I pull over turn it all off and restart it it'll be fine. This is really frustrating me not to mention embarrassing me when it's smoking. Any ideas on the cause are appreciated. Thanks Alan
  13. Dpf Removal

    Thanks for the reply's guys! Made me feel much better about getting it done now. I don't understand why these stupid filters have been used! I get that its to lower emissions but at a huge cost to all the consumers. Over £1000 to get a new one fitted every 72k miles, what a joke!
  14. Dpf Removal

    Hi all, My Focus mk2 57 1.6tdci zetec (climate) has done 100k miles and the DPF has failed. The car is displaying the engine Managment light, a red led (bottom right) and engine system failure on the dash. Iv had the car checked and all pointed to the DPF. I contacted ford who said its not worth doing a regen on it as it will be a waste of my money and won't work(for long) and that I need a new DPF at a cost of around £1000!! Iv only had the car just over 3 weeks and aparantly isn't covered unfder the dealers warranty! Anyway, there's a company near me that removes the DPF's internals and reprograms the engine for £400. Is it legal to remove the DPF? Is it likely to cause MOT failures? They can also remap the engine for an extra £100, is it worth getting this done? Thanks
  15. Is it illegal to have the DPF removed? Ford have said to have the DPF replaced will cost in the region of £1000!! A regeneration will not work. I have found a place close to me that removed them and re mapps the engine for around £300. It seems like a no brainier but will I be prosecuted if I have it removed? Is it likely to cause it to fail the mot