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  1. Wheel Arch Removal

    anyone else?? http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/13401-ford-fiesta-mk7-front-bumper-removal-how-to/ found this, will try it, but doubt ill be able to find all the screws :(
  2. Wheel Arch Removal

    okkay, had a little knock the other day and now passenger door gets stopped on something when i open it need to remove the wheel arch, straighten out the dents a bit and readjust it... anyone know how this can be taken off???
  3. New Stereo Released!

    2011? is this for the new shape fiesta?? i want one for my 2009 zetec :)
  4. i remember someone on here running a wire from the lights by the rear view mirror....im assuming you have the middle light that turns off/on when doors open/close. may be of help
  5. Mountune/milltek Exhaust

    hey, has anybody got any of these fitted? i would like to know how loud they get on motorways, 80mph+ / 3.5-4krpm also, if anybody has any suggestions for a 1.4 petrol zetec exhaust, not really fussed about power, just want to add to the looks to the back of the car thanks
  6. I gots a pipercross on my 1.4 petrol zetec, its not bad, it has a nice grumble to it, fitting and quality isnt what i expected, but dont really notice once its in. it does get a bit loud at 4krpm/90mphish, i do urban/city driving, lots of short roads with plenty of start stopping. i do give it a heavy rev now and then and get around 38mpg.
  7. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    im a sensible driver, giving it a nice rev now and then, just wondering what sort of MPG gain or loss a milltek exhaust will cause. im getting aroung 37mpg right now with my pipercross hfic installed. all this on a 1.4 petrol
  8. Pipercross Hfic Installation

    yeh, i would say it feels a lil bit nicer to accelerate, not sure on mpg though. its gone down a lot since i put it in, cant stop revving ahaha
  9. Pipercross Hfic Installation

    yeah, it does feel a bit cheap. shoulda payed a bit more for a j1 kit ahaha
  10. Pipercross Hfic Installation

    so i got myself one of these > OOohlalaaa! ive installed it but got some concerns... - the cold air feed doesnt fit properly on the ram air duct, the pipe to small - the screws and bolts that hold down the lid are loose!!! and i cant tighten it anymore, its like there's a stopper on the nut - the two rear mounting bits dont really kkeep the kit in place?? anyway to tighten this? - and what do i do with the 'isolation fixing bracket', it has nothing to clip into now :/ sorry if this is a bit of a list, but if anyone has got one of these, any help would be appreciated :) the noise is pretty damn sexy btw
  11. Bt Module 8M5T-19C112-Ap

    Prettty sure this is usb enabled one!! found on ebay ONLY 89.99!!!!!! Item Number: 400349110480 i payed 130 for mine :(
  12. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    1.4 petrol zetec, 27mpg Lool
  13. Puzzling Central Locking Problems

    this kinda happened to me on my mk7, had to climb in through passengers side door lol i tried this, "Take your car remote and press the door unlock and lock buttons simultaneously for at least 4 seconds with the ignition off. The direction indicators will flash twice to indicate that the unlocking function has been sucessfully re-programmed. Pressing and holding both buttons simultaneously for at least four seconds again will change the function back." seemed to work :l
  14. Front Splitter

    it even shows it on the standard zetec bumper, might just get it ;) i saw the second one in a similar listing where seller said it fits zetec/zetec s
  15. Front Splitter

    hey guys, got a zetec, not zetec s and was thinking of getting this... Ebay Link how you think it would look on silver fiesta ;) also, do these only fit the zetec s?? thanks