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  1. hey guys im after some major advice! i picked up my semi auto 52 plate mondeo 130k on the clock. under 40mph i get a nasty knocking sound. sounds abit like a driveshaft/tappets. sounds really really nasty. i took it to f1 and quick fit both my locals and neither of them could tell me what it is. im hoping that you guys can give me some advice on it? quickfit told me that my engiine was due to blow up any min now. but if i put her in netral and give her some revs there is no noise that is unusual?! if i just creep on the clutch there is no noise either, if there is a tiny and i mean tiny bit of gas there is no noise? over 35/40 it becomes normal and cant complain. any ideas? every now and then my coil light flashes and some times i loose power but not always. coming home i put my foot down and got to 70 in normal time and then it cut out on me? any ideas? when i picked up the car i stopped off and got recovery out to me to see if it was normal. this ended up with a tow home as he could not find any oil. following morning i checked and there was a healthy amount left? this has all really really stummped me. please can some one else have had this problem like me?! many thnaks dan. oh sorry if this is in the wrong section im new to this lol!
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      thanks, hope my faults are not un common