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  1. Happy Birthday Truly55!

  2. Confusing Service Schedule Requirements

    Car has only covered a little over 15,000 miles in 3 years so I hear what you are saying but if the dealer says it's a Major (and we go for a Minor) and a warranty item is flagged up would the dealer cover it given we have potentially not followed the manufacturers recommendations? It's strange the service manual says the service frequency is minor / major etc but the dealer says it`'s minor / minor / major?
  3. My wife's 2009 (MK7) 1.4 petrol / manual Fiesta is due its 3rd service (3 years) shortly. The local Ford dealer says it's a Major as the service schedule is minor / minor / major. Is this correct as it appears to contradict what's in the service book? Cheers for any advice. Peter
  4. Mk7 Seat Covers

    The drivers seat of my wife's 2009 MK 7 Fiesta has started to wear on the right hand side of the seat bottom. The car has only done around 14,000 miles and she's only a svelte size 8. I'm guessing that it wearing out when she gets in and out of the car. Now it's probably pointless talking to Ford about it as it's probably fair wear and tear although I personally disagree. I'll talk to 'em anyway. The seats are a sort of black and grey cloth with dots. Anyway, back to the question in hand. Does anyone know if there is a seat cover that perfectly fits the Fiesta (including for airbags)?
  5. My wife's mk7 Fiesta with the Ford power start button has started to buzz from the area around the button. The buzzing is there with the engine running, with just the accessory power on and also with the accessory power off. Now, it's obviously not a vibration issue because we notice it when parked up even with the engine turned off. Is it likely to be an electrical issue and does anyone know if a similar thing has been heard of before? Thanks for any replies. Peter
  6. Factory Glass - How Dark?

    I'm trying to find out how dark is the factory tinted glass on my wife's '09 Fiesta Titanium as I'd like a similar tint fitted to my car. Anyone know what the tint is on factory tints? Cheers for any help.
  7. Brake Fluid Change After 10,000 Miles?

    Ouch - £196.72 for 2 year service. Granted it's a bigger engine and a diesel. Wifey paid £138. Rang a day previously and it was £165! Two other local dealers were both around £165 for 1.4 petrol / 2 year service. What do others here on the forum pay for a 1.4 petrol / 2 year service? Probably going to have to cough up £40 for brake fluid change.
  8. Brake Fluid Change After 10,000 Miles?

    Hi Andy. Yes, I understand what you're saying so I wish Ford could have been more insistent to my wife that it was part of the service schedule rather than asking would she like it done. A question then to all you Mk7 owners out there...did you get your brake fluid changed after 2 years? Do I need to rebook it into the garage for a £39 fluid change? cheers
  9. The wife's Mk7 1.4 petrol is exactly 2 years old and has covered just under 10,000 miles. It's getting its 2nd service today and Ford are advising that the fluid should be changed?! Really? Ford said it would be £39 and could be done during the service. The wife said no thanks. Has anyone else had similar experiences during routine services? Surely the fluid can last more than 2 years / 10,000 miles? Cheers Pete
  10. Pic Needed Of Mk7 Air Vent

    Thanks a lot for the close up photo. Yes, deffo missing that detail in the middle with the 3 dots on 'em. Strange that both are missing? Off to Ford then to see if they can be ordered.
  11. Yes, it's a strange request but can someone dig out a photo of a mk7 dashboard circular air vent. Either of the side circular air vents would be fine. I've just noticed that my wife's car appears to be missing a small fillet section in the middle of each vent (where to 2 pieces come together when the vent is closed). We've had the car a while so I would have noticed this before so it makes me wonder whether the bits have recently fallen off??? So, any close up pics would be great. Cheers
  12. Running In New Fiesta

    As others have said you don't need to run in engines. In the 1960's, yes, but not any more. Just drive the thing. Maybe don't take it to an inch of its life for a few hundred miles but otherwise just drive it. There are, however, 2 things that could benefit from being broken in - brakes and speakers (yes, really). No Drum 'n' Bass at max for a while.
  13. new wheels....opinions...

    I like black rims on a red car. Think Nissan GTR. B) or this highly modded Celica of mine. Jeez, that car ate a load of cash with TRD, TTE, Blitz, C-One, Wings West et al all over it. Yes, most of you will hate the Celica but I liked the ricer look.
  14. Gear Knob

    I just unscrewed it.
  15. New fiesta sun visor...

    The only problem with my wife's visor is that it doesn't stay up. If you push it all the way to the windscreen it flops back down about 2 inches. I have to lower the drivers seat lower than I'd normally want it in order to see out as it flops down into my line of sight. Can it be adjusted by tightening the screw under the cover?