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  1. Pyrhel

    Ford Focus Mk2 Bixenon Headlamps

    Hey guys, here is the topic how we managed to do it: Its in bulgarian, but you can try read it using and ask if there's something unclear. I'll be glad to help you. About the connectors, all you need to do is to make an electrical bridge between pin 8 (the xenon's negative) to the negative of the hallogen bulb. It can be done inside the headlight, but first you need to free the socket from the back of the headlight. The other thing to do is to replace the leveling motors - take the ones from the old hallogen headlight and put them in the xenons. As I said, ask freely, I'll be glad to help you! Cheers!
  2. Maybe it is, but I live in Bulgaria where nobody cares ^_^
  3. Hi, Fords don't have Eolys, they spray diesel fuel in the 4th stroke. Because of this part of the diesel fuel goes into the oil and raises its level. Does your oil level raise? If there is a problem within the particulates filter - it definelty will. The first thing to do is to go to someone who has IDS (the original diagnostics software) and ask him to check the differential pressure sensors. If they're ok, ask him to run the manual DPF cleaning procedure. This may help a bit. There is one more solution to try before DPF replacement - remove it from the car and wash its internals VERY well with pressure washer (a real one with very high pressure and steam, not just hot water) and degreaser. And the last solution is to remove it completely and remap the ECU not to seek for differential pressure :) Cheers from Ford Club Bulgaria :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Pyrhel :)