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  1. hello JW1982 I made inquiries in Europe and Asia are Visteon manufacturing, I used FTDI chips ELM327 USB, the connection speed is 500,000, but not be able to program success HEC 0509rom, where do you think there is a problem? Thank you
  2. Hello! 1. ELM327 line how to take it? 2. ELM327 the connecting plate what role? Must use this? Thany you very much
  3. Hello, please forgive my broken English. I need your help and guidance. I'm from China,my Focus mk2.5 from 2009,rom 0303, I want update to 0509 by ELMconfig . The ELM327 is set to 38400 bit,But can not upgrade successfully. May I ask how you did it, help me! Thank you very much.
  4. Hello, my instrument rom also want to use ELMconfgi upgrade to 0509, in accordance with the method, I do not have a successful upgrade, I ask you is how to do it? I use a chip is the USB interface for CP1202 ELM327 can be connected to ELMconfig0.1.2.1b, 38400 connection. But click start, and an error occurs, see Fig. But with FTDI USB interface chip ELM327 no matter what speed are not connected on ELMconfig. Please advise. Thanks!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums wy852852 :)