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  1. peteandem

    New Fusion Owner ....a Few Questions!

    This was posted a long time ago so i am guessing that you got this sorted. However just in case i had the same problem with my reversing sensors when they were plugged in. Turned out that the guy who fitted them had fitted one of them upside down so it was pointing towards the floor at all times. That way it always thought that something was close to the car.
  2. peteandem

    Reverse Light And Sensors

    Hi I am having a bit of an issue with the reverse lights and sensors on mine at the moment. They are just popping the fuse almost straight away. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. Fusion 1.6 Diesel 57 Plate Ford fitted elec pack with Reversing sensors If i fit a new fuse and then put it into reverse, it will beep and the lights and sensors will work. After driving somewhere, if i try it again, it will have popped the fuse. My first thought is to disconnect the reverse sensors and see if that solves the problem so if anyone has any knowledge of where the wiring is connected to the loom or where the little box of tricks is installed, i would be grateful Pete
  3. peteandem

    Fusion Dog Guard

    I had one of these fitted to mine. It took a bit of playying to get it in right but it bit the job. Never tried it with the parcel shelf so do not know about that
  4. peteandem

    Fuse Box

    I have just been into my fusebox through the glove box and it is very easy When you open the glovebox, look to both sides and you will notice that there is 2 tabs stopping it from openning further. Pull in the glovebox by these points so that the tabs can pass the solid plastic of the dash and the glove box will open completely and flop down, you can then get to the fuse box. If like me you have lots in the glovebox, when you open it fully, if you pull it gently towards you, it is only clipped in and will unclip and the whole glove box can be moved out of the way
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums peteandem :)