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  1. Update. The problem is now fixed. It turned out simply to be a blocked fuel filter, which was replaced for around £60 plus labour.
  2. Update. The ford dealer now says they dont think the problem is caused by a blocked DPF. They are now thinking its a fuel pressure problem, but haven't narrowed it down. They are suggesting replacing the fuel filter to see if this works. If not they are suggesting the next places to look would be fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator. I'm just concerned as it doesn't appear they have a clue what the problem is. And it's going to get pretty expensive if they just keep replacing parts until the problems fixed.
  3. The dealer has finally got round to looking at the car and diagnosed the problem as a blocked DPF. They are going to try and manually flush out the blockage and make some changes to the PCU to help prevent it reblocking.
  4. The car is booked in with the Ford main dealer so they should have the correct diagnostics kit. I will let you know the results tomorrow.
  5. Gurccay thanks for your reply. I have only just had the car serviced last week at the local ford dealer. Wouldn't they have spotted any problem then when tey did the diagnostic test? I have booked the car back in for Thursday so fingers crossed they can locate the problem
  6. Hi all, I bought a 2007 focus 1.6 TCDI 2 weeks ago. The car drives well apart from one issue. As soon as the revs hit the 3000 rpm mark the engine cuts out. Obviously this is a real problem when pulling out into faster moving traffic. There are no engine management lights showing, so I'm a bit stumped. Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers, Jon
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Jpetitt :)