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  1. All I am "The Brown". I have just joined the forum and I hope that someone can help me! I would be very grateful for some information on the issue that I am facing below: Firstly, I have the above car on a 61 plate and I have had it since 22nd February this year. I bought it with 1,703 miles on the clock and so far I have done approximately 14,000 miles. I am a man of details (most of the time) so apologies if my first ever post is a bit of a painful read...! I currently do 500 miles per week approx from Staffordshire to Nottingham for work (Yes a bit mental and no I do not get fuel allowance!) Since I have bought the car I have always topped the car up to the brim (as in to the point where the diesel spills ever so slightly onto the paintwork). I have then reset my "mile-o-meter" and mpg counter and set off on my way. I have given the car a good beating on occasion (I will not lie to you, speed limits may have been broken) however as money is tight and I did buy this car as it is economical, decent build quality and should not depreciate like a beast I have decided to try to be sensible with it. I achieve a maximum speed on a daily basis of 60 mph on the dual carriage way and motorway and throughout town around 30-40mph. The most miles I have ever achieved on a full tank brim to almost empty was around 569 miles which has been my best so far. I am not fussed about mpg values as I get very annoyed with the manufacturers claims. It was serviced a couple of months ago and everything was fine. Slight knocking noise from the steering however a bolt has to be tightened and the job is done. Usual things were sorted (oil changed, etc). I have gone to a ridiculous stage of hypermiling that I must be the saddest person in the world however I am being quite realistic now. I leave the heater on "Hi" and on one bar, I put the quickclear on until obviously clear and I have the radio on (whether that makes a difference to fuel economy I do not know). I have even mixed it up a bit (driven the car to work 3 times a week and then used the car for short journeys for the rest of the week) just to see what happens fuel economy-wise. I have got to the stage where I have driven literally 0.5 miles down the road (30 mph, 5th gear) and I have seen 3 miles drop on the computer which annoys me so much. I know after filling up that I end up "gaining" around 50 miles so on my way to Nottingham I am quite confident that I will have a decent run however on the way back my miles just drop on the computer (slightly uphill on the way back but again 60 mph maximum speed, don't use the cruise control at all). I last filled the car up on 30th October and have done around 160 miles. According to my trip computer I have got another 299 to go. So 459 approx till "empty". According to the computer I have used around 40 miles since I picked the car up from my dad. I can assure you that I have done approximately 10 miles during this whole weekend. :o :angry: :angry: I am currently driving my parents' BMW 318d now as I have got to the stage where I have done so many miles that I am scared of invalidating the warranty! :P So a bit of swapping cars has to be in order. The BMW (61 litre tank) has achieved around 800 miles. Anyway, I am digressing already.. My question is this, firstly: PLEASE RESPOND :D Secondly: What are the maximum number of miles you have ever achieved in one tank (One slightly annoying thing with the Fiesta is its weedy 41 litre tank). I am convinced that I can get to 600 after seeing 569 (and bearing in mind this is in Autumn as well) Thirdly: Does it take a while for the mile-o-meter to settle down so-to-speak? And is there some sort of memory within it? I remember collecting the car from the showroom and I managed 277 miles to a full tank the first time however after that I got it to the 470-490 that I regularly achieve. Also I have read many pieces on the DPF's? I am pretty sure that (A) - My car has a Euro 4 engine which means no DPF however if someone could let me know that would be great. Mechanically-wise I am not the best however I am always interested in these sort of topics! Many thanks and apologies for this very long-winded first post. The Brown
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums The Brown :)

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