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  1. Fiesta Hub Carrier Replacement

    Thanks very much indeed for your help Stef 123
  2. Hi All, I have a Y plate fiesta with a knackered wheel bearing, I have bought a replacement whole hub carrier from a breakers and now have come to fit it. My question is... Could anyone please tell me what size the star shaped type bolt is that holds the hub carrier onto the lower wishbone. I have got the big one around the shocker at the top loose as well as the track rod end one, but this one is one of those torx things. Hope someone can help, Thanks in advance, Chris.
  3. Hi My little fiesta has had a strange intermittent problem over the last week or so. It has dropped in power then picked straight back up a couple of times on acceleration, but tonight it went into a sort of limp mode and would not accelerate beyond about 30 mph. I pulled over and switched it off and back on again, and all seems fine again. Even in the fault condition the engine runs and ticks over fine, but just revs low as if it had a limiter on it. Has anyone ever had this sort of fault? Do these cars use computers that may need reset? Hope someone can help. All the very best, Chris.
  4. Turbo Boost Gauge.

    Hi Guy's, As the title suggests, I am thinking of fitting a turbo boost gauge to my little Fiesta TD ('Y' plate) I was wondering if anyone could tell me where a vac gauge would plumb in? and what the max boost is that I should expect to see? (what calibration should I buy the gauge with as a max) Hope this makes sense, Thanks, Chris.
  5. Hi, I have just recently sorted Fiesta heating problems. 1, If HCV is hot on engine side and not on cabin side replace the HCV with two small pieces of copper tube (for the winter at least) Even new aftermarket ones are known to last a very short time...even hours! If not that then try... flushing the whole system and bleeding it and failing that check the little radiator attached to the oil filter housing, that's what mine was.
  6. Fiesta Heating

    Hi Guys, Well, I have bypassed the oil cooler water pipes and all seems well...Hot air even at low revs, The question is how vital is the oil cooler in these freezing temperatures, and will it last until the better weather comes along before I change it?
  7. Hi From A Newbie

    Thanks guys, I am planning quite a bit of work on my scorpio in the near future, so should be along with all manner of silly questions.
  8. Fiesta Heating

    Hi All, As detailed in my Newbie thread I have recently bought a Fiesta 1.8TD (MK5) to share with my daughter. I have found that the heating does not work well, even after I have changed the thermostat and bypassed the HCV with two copper pipes. I have flushed out the matrix and checked as best I can for air blocks. At high revs the hot air seems to come out ok, but as soon as the revs drop it goes cool. The return pipe to the header was blocked but is now ok and all pipes seem hot. Could it be the pump even though it does seem to pump the water around ok? Or could it be the little radiator on the oil cooler? Also could I run the car in the winter with the water pipes to the oil cooler bypassed? It may also be telling that the car uses a lot of water. Thanks for any advice in advance. Cheers, Chris.
  9. Hi From A Newbie

    Hi all, I am called Chris and I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, I am 43 and have recently bought a Fiesta 1.8TD for me and my Daughter to share. I also own a Scorpio 2.9i and a Merc S Class 3.2 I will be posting a few questions in the relevant sections that I hope to be able to get some help with. Thanks all, Chris.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums chris 1 :)

    1. chris 1

      chris 1

      Cheers Steve.