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  1. Smax Battery Drain

    Dunno about instrument cluster not really checked to be honest. Can you tell me whereabouts the tsb document is on this site or can you send me the link as I cannot find it. Thanks
  2. Smax Battery Drain

    Will you update on how you are getting on as we are experiencing the same problem on our 2007 smax 2.0 Zetec. We are on the 2nd battery in less than 3 months!!! Looking at the history of the car it also had a battery fitted in 2009!!! We have had it checked for any power drains and nothings showed up. The alternator is charging and when battery tested it has enough volts in it charging at 14.5 volts which is plenty yet battery seems to keep going flat. Also when driving the vehicle occasionally the warning lights flash up on dashboard yet nothing is wrong car still drives fine and then they stop. Any ideas or advice will be welcomed thanks.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums brummieanne@hotmail.com :)