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  1. Focus Making Funny Noises Whilst Idling

    While its idling push the clutch pedal down if the noise stops its the clutch releaser bearing its a common thing on fords to sort this problem out the guys put thicker gearbox but this problem is normal and nothing to worry about
  2. Please Needs Some Massive Help!

    Yeah sounds like your releaser bearing on the clutch its a common thing and ford says it normal anyway by putting thicker gearbox will cure this problem and yes take the car to diagnostics
  3. Coolant Leak

    Sound like head gasket if the car is smoking bad you should not use the car as water will mix with oil and cause serious damage
  4. Hey pete I have the same problem also but this is normal as ford use the old cable root but adjust the acc cable if it is loose
  5. Sound like your coil pack bud but do a diagnostics to see
  6. Sound like your coil pack bud but do a diagnostics to see
  7. Ford Focus Knocking Noise

    Could be shocks bounce the car n see
  8. Air Filter And Warranty

    No the kn filter will not void warranty and you can run the filter for a long time
  9. Sound like your throttle position sensor
  10. Cone Filter

    Yeah its fine like that the pipe that was going to the grill was just for noise must be sounding good I have done the same and I also pulled out the pipe that was behind the wheel cover
  11. Howzit guys I have a ford bantam bakkie have it for 7 years now and no problems that what you call ford tough
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Kory-ST90 :)