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  1. Ah I thought so, have any st-lines actually got xenon lights? I can't find any at all. It's deal breaker for me as I can't stand those yellow lights 😂
  2. Hi all, Im looking to buy a used Focus St-line x 2019 model (the newest shape) but I can't find any with xenon lights, guessing none have them. It's a deal breaker for me so I was wondering if there was an easy way to upgrade the bulbs or would it need a full hid kit? Thank you
  3. This is what I was on about yeah! I have bought this kit now: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400439215301 Will fit it and see if it's any good I suppose lol Anyone tried anything like this?!
  4. Hi all, I own a Focus ST 2008 facelift and by standard I don't have the feature where the sidelights come on when unlocking the car via fob and vice versa! Wondering if there is a way to fit something or change something myself in order to have this feature. I think it's standard on the 2009 models! Thanks
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