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  1. Mondeo Cd 6000 Removal

    i got some very cheap prongs of ebay 1.98 all in did the job . the 2 on the right seem to lean to the wright , the one in bottom left leaned to middle the one that slides in where it says cd you need to apply gentle force the pin pushes a metal spring back it makes a s slight noise and resistance then it clicks when its in far enough . pull the 3 other prong lever them back to they are all the same possition as the one in top left and a gentle pull out the unit . when you put the unit back i found if you take the 2 pins out on the left hand side out . and insert the unit push the 2 right hand pins to the right and pins come away with a little wiggle . i am a novice but did ours today. allen
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums morphious76 :)