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  1. Hi there. Only a quick one guys. What do you suggest I try? I was attempting my change the lower arm on my zetec fiesta. Simple job. Two bolts and a pinch bolt. Remove and refit new arm. I got the pinch bolt out and another bolt out with some persuasion BUT the bolt which is closest to the rear of the car is impossible. The bottom bolt head is rounded, the nut at the top needs to be counter held but that's rounded too. Also the fact the bodywork is in the way of the nut so it's practically impossible to get any tools onto it. What's next? I'm stumped. Cheers. Phil.
  2. Hello! My friend has a fiesta mk4 with aircon. The problem is the aircon is leaking water into both front footwells so I'm suspecting the heater matrix. I know how to remove this via removing the heater valve and removing the four screws holding the small panel. My question is do I really have to discharge the aircon system to remove the heater matrix? Cheers in advance :)
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