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  1. Happy Birthday jon-v8!

  2. jon-v8

    Dash Compartment Lid

    Thanks guys! Chris and Wilco, you are spot on there. Pretty much every breakers I have contacted either don't have any Ghia's/Titanium's in for breaking, or if they do, the lid won't shut. Trying to find just the lid that has a intact catch is very difficult, and as you say are rarely up for sale. The catch in mine is still there, but a tiny piece has broke off of the tip, obviously enough for it to not catch correctly. The previous owner had wedged a small piece of paper in the gap, but I've actually glued it shut now as I got so fed up with it, but as I hate something not working correctly in my car, I want to try and replace it. Top marks for the link, that is genius! I'm going to have to work out how I can fabricate a similar part.
  3. jon-v8

    Dash Compartment Lid

    I need a new stowage compartment/dash lid for my Focus Ghia as part of the catch has snapped off, meaning it randomly pops up whilst driving and I can't close it! I can't find one anywhere, and refuse to pay dealer prices! Does anyone have a spare or know where I can get one at a reasonable price?
  4. The drivers side window judders when closing, around the last 6-8 inches of travel. It doesn't continue to clunk or grind once it reaches the top (which would suspect a broken mechanism). I've tried greasing the fabric channels that run up the door's A & B pillars, thinking they maybe dry/brittle, but that hasn't helped. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. jon-v8

    Clean Alloys

    I use Autobrite Very Cherry (the non acid version) wheel cleaner. It's fantastic and the level of shine it leaves is brilliant. I've tried pretty much all wheel cleaners and this is by far the best, don't bother with any others! I also use an EZ detail brush (expensive but great quality will last - mines 3 years old and still fine!) with a small detailing brush.
  6. jon-v8

    Tyre Load And Speed Ratings?

    Another reason I wanted to make sure I had the correct ratings - insurance! I don't want to be caught out just because of that.
  7. jon-v8

    Tyre Load And Speed Ratings?

    To be fair, I could just grab some N rated tyres (Not that I've seen any) - can't legally go faster than 87MPH anyway!
  8. jon-v8

    Tyre Load And Speed Ratings?

    Good call Shane, forgot all about that label - even though I clean the door shuts every time I wash the car! Kurt, thanks for that. I did kind of think the last garage may have a point after posting my question - I think he maybe referring to the top speed and lack of towbar etc. I'll probably stick with the V's, seeing as how they are on there and have passed many MOT's since.
  9. I need to order a new set of tyres for my '56 Plate 2ltr Focus Estate (205/55/16) Just a bit confused on what load and speed rating I should be running. At the moment there are 91V's all round, but some garages are saying I need to be W's, others say stick with V? Another garage said it doesn't matter as no one takes any notice!! (Won't be using them at all!) Can anybody help me on this one?
  10. jon-v8

    Focus Roof Bars Part Number Check

    Thanks very much for that, I really appreciate it. I am a little confused though, as the seller has sent over an image, and they look as though they're the estate version (with the flared bottoms)?
  11. Looking to buy a set of Roof bars for my estate, I've found a set but only have parts numbers and no photos. They are; SK4M5J46002AA HM02E11171290000 Can anyone confirm what body and year they're for? Many thanks!
  12. jon-v8

    Denso Sat Nav Cd Dj Error

    Thanks for the reply. I researched into it, and everyone who says they have that message is because it either doesn't work, jammed or unplugged/missing. So its interesting that my changer under the passenger seat works, which is why I couldn't understand why I'm getting that message? Does this mean I need to strip it down and clean/regrease?
  13. jon-v8

    Calliper Colour Advice

    A few months back I did mine, and only this week I did another coat just to make sure there is a good coverage on them. The difference it makes is amazing, ill post up some pics if you like? I went for hammerite smooth silver - as mine is a Ghia estate and would probably look odd if I went for a colour!
  14. Hi Guys, I have the Denso Sat Nav in my 06 Focus, and on CD/AUX mode, in the top right corner it says CDDJ Error - what does this mean? Why does it appear as it all seems to work?