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  1. Mine definately isn't a performance car either and I'm exactly the same. The big feature for me is all the MPG data you can get out (my focus doesn't have a trip computer, just the smaller odometer screen). I'll start putting something together over the next few days in that case - you can set up "profiles" for your car which can be imported/exported so might put some together so people can download and use them.
  2. I've been using an app called Torque for a while now and wasn't sure if it was common knowledge around these parts. I originally set it up to diagnose some engine issues (turned out to be fuel contamination in the end) but along the way found this app and now use it everyday for displaying extra info about the car while I'm driving, using my phone as a display. Noticed that some people have used a USB OBD2 adapter with a russian program called FF2, this uses the ELM327 interface too. Lots of info and screenshots below about all the different features: https://play.google....wl.torque&hl=en http://torque-bhp.com/ You can buy the bluetooth adapters all over the place, I got mine from ebay. I can't remember the particular seller where I got mine from, just make sure it is v1.5 onwards e.g. http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1c2adfb8e5 You can get mini versions but mine is an original full size one and fits in the OBD2 port in my focus mk2 24/7 and I never knock it. If you already have an android phone and have it mounted in the car when you are driving, its a no-brainer. Will put pics, more details, app config stuff etc if anybody is interested :)
  3. I already have a bluetooth ELM327 reader, is there a way of using this with the program or can it only be used the USB version? Thanks
  4. hi guys, could I just check I've got the right bulbs for the coutesy (middle) light and the two map lights before I go and order them? courtesy light (festoon) - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261121985255?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 map lights - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121011984171?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 cheers
  5. Driver Side Front Foglight Smashed :(

    perfect yeah that's what I'm after, I'll post in that thread :)
  6. Driver Side Front Foglight Smashed :(

    Thanks for all the responses guys. Mine is a MK2 (55 plate). Thought it might well be a whole unit job, saves fussing around with adhesives I suppose but was worried it would be expensive, but both the links you guys sent are under £20 so should be good to go. Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, So walking out to my car this morning and noticed that the glass lens of my driver side front foglight has smashed. Has this happened to anyone else (through driving) or should I start shooting the neighbourhood kids on site? Funnily enough the blub still works so the actual unit itself must be fine. Would I be able to just replace the lens or would it be the whole lot? In either case what would be the part I should be looking for? Thanks
  8. Thanks for all the advice/pics Charlie, appreciate it. Those panels really light the whole boot up! These would be the white equivalent? Real cheap from hong kong but might see if I can find a UK seller if it isn't much more (easier to return if they don't work/stop working after a while). http://www.ebay.co.u...=item20c5e32d73 Also thanks for the heads up on them often having a flakey connection, sure I've got something to sort that out. So I checked for the footwell light and the plastic moulding is there but no socket or wiring :( is that going to be much of a pain to install? Also think I'll go for this one with the sunglasses, any ideas what that little black plastic bit with the ball on the end is (top left of the pic)?
  9. Been reading around this over lunch and it looks like quite a few Fiesta owners have fitted the Mondeo sunglasses holder (). It looks like all 3 have a hollow curved bit on the roof (just been out to check and mine has it too) so looks like it might work. Wonder if anyone has tried for the Focus? Risky cutting the lining but once I've had a good look I might give it a go. Will report back if/when I do. I'll definately take a good look around before buying anymore, would be great if I could use the ones I bought in the footwell though. From what I've read the holder is always in place just depends on my luck if the wiring is.
  10. Ah ok I'm with you now. Might be worth getting the one with the holder just to see if it may fit. From the pics though it looks like there are 4 black tabs around the sunglasses bit which look like they hook into the roof. Since the Focus has the option of a sunglasses holder instead of the roof handle suspect it might not be there. Sorry about all the questions.. Which LED's would I need for the courtesy light? Think I'm noticing a trend do they all use those T10 connectors? Would I use the panel one in the glove compartment as well as the boot? Otherwise am I right in saying (ideally) I'd need one similar to the ones I originally bought for the boot but with LEDs only on one side (would I have seen them referenced as a "wedge" shape somewhere?)? Thanks again
  11. Great thanks, and those will all happily fit the focus? Like the idea of the sunglasses holder, presumably I'd need to do something to the roof lining to get the clearance for it to work?
  12. Thanks for responding :) I chose that one for the boot based on Lenny's guide but yes you are right since all the LED's don't point down.. Might be able to do something with some tin foil to reflect some of that light back down and out? Of course those panel lights are probably going to be cheaper - I'll take a look around for that post you mentioned. Thanks :) I've not actually looked I'll see what I can see this evening - good idea. If they aren't there are they easy to fit? Ooops!
  13. Hi all, First post so be kind :) Been looking around at all the different touches that people have been making to their Focus's and seeing how good they looked decided I needed to have a go at some of them! Going to start off by sorting out the interior lighting. Would really appreciate some pointers on a couple of things.. Boot light - I've ordered these LEDs to replace the poor excuse for a bootlight, just wanted to double check they the right ones? Planning on using Lenny's excellent guide to add an extra bootlight. Courtesy light - Mine being a lowly Sport spec I only get the single courtesy light (not the one with the map lights) and was wondering if I would be able to replace it with this? What LEDs would I need to replace each one with? Also any pointers as to how to go about it would really appreciate it. Glove box - Again just wondering which LED I would need to replace it with and any tips on how to go about it? Thanks for reading
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums koosh34 :)