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  1. I first borrowed one from my father in-laws car and found that the car was running fine so I got one from Ford. I paid R660 (less than 50 pounds). And yes its been just over a year now and the problem has not surfaced again. Innetialy I also explained the problem to people that it feels like a flat spot on an old carburetor engine. A friend of mine had the same experience with an 2002 Icon 1.6 and we got a used coil pack and his car has also been problem free since. Just to mention my father in-laws 2.0 Mondeo did the same, but in his case it was just HT leads. (Thats why I first borrowed parts from him since the HT leads and the coil pack costs about the same at Ford, over here at least.
  2. What oil should I use in my Ford Mondeo MK2's manual gearbox? Alot of people give this or that part number or name of oil, but I would like to get a description like 80w/90 or soemthing like that so that I can fing it in local brands. Is ATF ok? Or what about normal 10W/40 engine oil? Out local Ford dealer just gives you 70W/80. is this ok? I don't know and I don't whant to mess up by gearbox. Its exspensive and quite a big job to replace.
  3. You are on the right way. That is coil pack and HT leads. I had the excact same problem with my 1.8LX and it turned out to be the coil pack.
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    I am JJ Smith From Hopefield South Africa. I Drive a white 2000 Ford Mondeo 1.8LX 4 door with about 330000km on the clock which I bought about 2years ago. My father in-law Drives a 2001 Mondeo Aspen that he bought new and that has done over 400000km.(250000 miles) and the only part (excl normal service items) that has ever been replaced is a power steering pump. In the UK these might be old and cheap but in South Africa it's seen as not to old and you will pay anything from 1500 Pounds for a fairly good one like mine. Infact I bought mine without and engine and had to pay more for an used engine imported from Japan than what a good Modeo mk2 costs in the UK. The pick attached is the day I got it. I have replaced those stupid looking hubcaps with new Ford caps.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums JJ Smith :)