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  1. Interior Cleaning

    Hi. Can anyone recommend any cleaning products for the interior of a Mondeo Titanium 2012 with style pack. I'm unsure of the material of the dashboard. I know the steering wheel is leather. Autoglym seem to have plenty of products (also too many!) Thanks
  2. Boot Dividers

    Hi. We've just bought a 2012 Ford Mondeo estate and am looking for a boot divider for our dog. Any suggestions? Experiences? Thanks
  3. It was. It had somehow fallen out. Thanks
  4. Hi. My brake lights stay on constantly while the ignition is on. Iv check the fuse and it seems ok. Hand brake on/off, etc. Its a focus 2001. Any ideas? Cheers
  5. Fuse Replacement?

    Thanks. All sorted
  6. Fuse Replacement?

    Lovely. Cheers
  7. Fuse Replacement?

    Thanks for help. Iv located fuse box, but have no manual. Have found a manual online for the US drive car, although the fuse box is in a different location, it seems similar. On the diagram is showing the Cig fuse as Fuse No.46. 15amp. Can anyone confirm this? Cheers
  8. Fuse Replacement?

    Cheers. Will give it a go. I assume the fuses are readily available, Halfords, etc?
  9. Fuse Replacement?

    Hi. I have a ford focus '01. I use the cig power inlet for my dab radio. However it now has no power. Do you think it could be the fuse? Where are they on this car? Thanks.
  10. Hi. Just looking for an opinon really! Iv just bought a 'splitter' for my cig lighter socket. Only really plan to use it in an emergency, now with Sat Navs, iphones, etc i might need two sources of power! However the splitter has 4 lights. 4 lit up indiactes a new battery, 3 a good battery, 2 recommending recharge/replacment and 1 light... knackered! Mines showing 2 lights. Its a 01 Focus, bought a year ago. Dont know history of battery. Never had any major probs starting car, etc. What do you reckon? Try and get it tested? Replaced? Thanks for any help
  11. Loss Of Power?

    Hi, I have a 2001 Ford Focus. Since ive had it (nov '09) on two occasions iv had a slight dip in power and despite travelling at 40mph, both speedometer and rev counter registered 0! This lasted for a couple of hundred meters and rectified itself. However last night i was travelling at around 50mph and it happened again. Only this time i lost complete power, rolling to a standstill. Also ALL instruments failed AND the headlights turned off! All warning lights came on and thankfully i was able to roll to a standstill. If i was on the motorway, God knows what could have happened! Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Or anyone know a reason for this happening? Cheers
  12. Key copy?

    Much appreciated
  13. Key copy?

    Great, thanks for help. Sorry to be a bit on stupid side, but i should then just get a key cut and buy a fob from ebay and then re-code the new remote fob? Cheers
  14. Key copy?

    Cheers. I cant view ebay at moment as restricted at work Would i buy the key/fob then get a keysmith to cut 'that' key, then i would prog the fob?
  15. Key copy?

    Hi, Having had my Focus written-off :( a few weeks ago, i have just bought myself another 2001 1.8 Focus! But have no manaul or spare key. Ford's want £75 +vat for labour alone and a keysmith wants £50 for a copy of just the key. Any ideas were to get a copy of key from? Also a manual? Cheers